Balika Vadhu 2 28th March 2022 Written Update:

Balika Vadhu 2 28th March 2022 Written Update: The episode begins with Anand eating with Bhairavi and Diya goes along with them as well. They get to know one another and Diya tells about her sentiments towards Raju and Puttu. Both Bhairavi and Anand support her and advises her to just ponder her satisfaction and that’s it. Diya feels blissful and even Anand understands his joy is with Anandi and he shouldn’t battle with her so he passes on to meet her. Anand goes to Anandi’s home and continues to thump. He understands the entryway is locked from outside and Anandi isn’t at home.

Jigar seriously continues to punch the punch sack. His companion attempts to quiet him however he continues to beat it. He lets how know every one of his feelings are connected with Anandi and reviews how Anandi requested that he stay away. He feels hurt and punches hard on the sack. Anand goes to office to track down Anandi. The gatekeeper lets him know that Anandi had left at some point back and was crying. Anand considers what occurred and where would she be able to be. Bhairavi gives Diya glass of milk and she grins. She tells how Raju had once advised her to supplant her drinking liquor propensity to drinking milk.

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Diya tells Raju isn’t like others yet he is so exceptional. Bhairavi tells she is extremely cheerful as both her kids have tracked down their joy. Anand returns home and is stressed over Anandi however Bhairavi solaces him. Out of nowhere he heard entryway thumping and is astonished to see Anandi at the entryway. She says at long last she came to Anand and becomes oblivious. Anand becomes stressed and promptly calls specialist. He laments contending with Anandi in light of Jigar. He guarantees himself never to leave Anandi regardless occurs.

Specialist checks Anandi and says she will acquire cognizance in some time. Anand tells he won’t let Anandi be and holds conversing with her. She at long last awakens and tells Anand he was correct about Jigar. Anandi feels regretful of not believing Anand’s words. Anand solaces her and tells that they will together face every one of the challenges. He embraces her and they go through a few comfortable minutes. Raju is tying interlaces for Puttu and she says needs same style as the doll. Diya comes there and tells she will get it done. Diya makes her meshes and lets Puttu know that she resembles a doll now.

Diya lets Raju and Puttu know that she cherishes investing energy with them. She inquires as to whether she can turn into a piece of their blissful family. Diya additionally tells Puttu assuming she will acknowledge her as her mom. Raju feels timid yet acknowledges her proposition. Anandi is working when she unexpectedly gets shocks from Anandi is type of huge teddy, embellishments of flower petals. She searches for him. Anand advises her to shut her eyes and adhere to his directions to track down him. The episode closes with Anandi strolling as Anand educates lastly meets him and they draw near.

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