Thapki Pyar Ki 14th March 2022 Written Update:

Thapki Pyar Ki 14th March 2022 Written Update: The episode begins with Hansika compromising Thapki at gunpoint and attempting to fire her. Purab comes on a bicycle and saves Thapki. Seeing Purab, Hansika attempts to deal with the circumstance yet Purab says sufficient Hansika as I heard everything. Purab gets Hansika by the neck and puts her to the divider and asks how is it that you could do these things with Sargam realizing the amount she is essential to her and he stifles Hansika. Thapki attempts to prevent Purab from stifling her.

Thapki requests that he pass on her yet Purab isn’t Rady to listen yet at the same time pays attention to Thapki and leaves Hansika. Thapki attempts to quiet him down. Purab gets passionate and embraces Thapki. Hansika couldn’t bear seeing this and drives them from one another. Hansika seeing them says that she crossed each line to make him near her yet you reject me, This choice will set you back a ton Purab Singhania and you dismissed me on account of Thapki who stammers and talks.

Purab says in view of this lady’s voice you brought in cash and, surprisingly, my mother loved you and what have you done? you sent Thapki from home by bogus charges, and, after its all said and done she returned to remain close to my family despite the fact that everyone detests her that is the explanation I pick her over you and the kinship between us closes today Hansika, from this point forward you are dead to me. Thapki says thank you Hansika and there is no recording and I just said that so you could follow through with something like this and I previously conversed with Purab yesterday.

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Purab leaves with Thapki and they come to an excellent spot and recall their cheerful minutes with one another. Purab expressions of remorse to Thapki. Thapki says no. Purab says dint say it, Sargam may never be in that condition in the event that I pay attention to you and I was unable to be a decent soul mate, as a result of me, everybody can’t stand you. Thapki says on the off chance that I were in your place even I wouldn’t confide in you. Purab tells her, yet presently I will fix everything and give all of you freedoms. Thapki grins. He says Thapki I love, Hansika hears them and says Purab you didn’t say I love you to me I won’t allow you to say it to Thapki, she pushes Thapki.

Thapki tumbles from the bluff. Purab gets stunned. Thapki holds precipice edge and yells for help. Purab saves her by pulling up. Hansika becomes distraught. She pushes Purab while attempting to toss Thapki. Purab tumbles down the precipice. Thapki rushes to look for himself and cries seriously by falling on the floor. Blood falls on her hand then she sees Purab in a tree limb. She surges him to the medical clinic.

The specialist takes Purab to ICU and guarantees her that he will deal with Purab as he is his companion as well. Thapki asks Bappa to save Purab. Hansika accepts her Mom’s call and offers her sorry. Anjali tells her she has an arrangement and requests that she come out. Hansika meets Anjali. Anjali requests that she not stress. Veena comes to the medical clinic and asks Hansika where is Purab. Hansika in tears says he is in ICU.

Thapki tells he is in perception and can’t meet him. Vinod asks how it occurred. Hansika lets them know they drank bhang and moved when Sawari didn’t come to shoot and he tumbled from a precipice in his inebriated state. Thapki says she is lying and lets them know how Hansika pushed Purab. Relatives get stunned.

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