Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 2nd November 2021 Written Update:

Mahi tells Avnit, you didn’t tell Jogi that you met me yesterday? If you did, then he would have not created scene. She warns Jogi to stay away from her and her family. She doesn’t want to see his face. Rupa says what this girl wants. She came back again. Avnit says, she came back to take revenge. Jogi asks did you know that she is back? Avnit says I saw her yesterday, but I didn’t tell you anything because you were very upset yesterday. He walks away furiously.

In flashback, Arjun points a gun at Mahi and pulls the trigger. But there was no bullet. He says, Avnit wants me to kill you, but I don’t want to do that because I am tired being her slave. She’s giving drugs to Jogi and spoiling his life. I have had enough tantrums and orders from Jogi and I want to end it now. Pappu says, you think you will come here, say anything, and we will trust you?

Arjun tells Mahi, I know you also have planning against Avnit and I want to join hands with you. Back to present, Mahi says to Arjun, you were right that we have to end that superstar’s game. Arjun says, I promise you that I will get you justice. Chanda asks Mahi if she’s sure that she can fight against Jogi. He’s still her husband.

Mahi says all marriage vows are already broken. I have no relation with Jogi. Chanda apologizes to Pappu and asks him to give her one chance to rectify her mistake. Mahi tells Pappu, I know it’s not easy to trust them again, but enemy’s enemies are your friends. I think we should come together and break t hat superstar’s ego. Pappu forgives Chanda.

Jogi comes to his room. He drinks alcohol and throws the glass. Avnit and others come there. Avnit tries to control him. He asks why you did not tell me that Mahi is back. He presses her hand hard. She says, you’re hurting me. Please leave. He pushes her. He says if you had told me, then I would have been prepared. She insulted me today. He puts his hand on a piece of glass. Avnit goes to him and says, you will get hurt. He slaps her hard. Avnit gets shocked. Jogi loses his balance. Rupa gives him support. He shouts at them to leave his room. Avnit is in disbelief.

Mahi plays a shankh/shell. Avnit, Rupa go to their balcony to see. Mahi tells them that one’s destiny changes with time. I was ruined in first part of the story. Now you will be ruined in second part of the story. You will get same pain that you gave to me and no one will be able to save you. Rupa curses Arjun and Chanda. Chanda, Shalu, Arjun call Avnit a naagin who wants to poison others’ lives. Mahi says normally during Diwali happiness comes in everyone’s house, but tells them to prepare to face pain and darkness this Diwali.

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 1st November 2021 Written Update:

Mahi comes to her room and cries recalling her behavior with Jogi. Other side, Jogi continues drinking alcohol. Mahi takes out first gifts that Jogi had given to her. She recalls the good time that they had spent. She composes herself and starts packing all the gifts in a hanky. She drops them by mistake. Pappu comes and helps her in picking up the gifts. He asks will you be able to store all those memories in this small hanky? You said in front of everyone that you hate Jogi, you don’t want to see his face, but here you are crying for him. Your tears say it clearly that you still love Jogi a lot. Will you be able to take revenge against Jogi?

Precap :Avnit calls someone and asks to come there right away, they have to finish someone. Mahi is doing rangoli outside her home. Avnit informs Jogi that Mahi said she will destroy their home’s happiness. Jogi tells her to do whatever is needed.

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