Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 1st November 2021 Written Update:

Shalu shouts at Jogi’s house, Pappu stops her and tells her it’s there house now but still Jogi has allowed us to stay here. She taunts him and says that how Avneet cheated him and took over all his properties. Pappu thinks that after this Dewali their fate will change. Avneet gives Jogi medicine and water to get his hangover.

Jogi tells her that he is feeling little different, it feels like something is going to happen, something good. Avneet tries to convince him that utsbsame usual day nothing diffence is there, she pretends and hides about Mahi with Jogi. Avneet thinks that Jogi is right something is going to happen and that is Mahi’s breathe is going to stop forever.

Avneet calls Arjun and tells him that he has to kill Mahi right now as Jogi should not see her. He says that he is coming to kill her, Chanda ask Arjun if he is sure that he will kill Mahi. Arjun says that he ahs several reasons to kill Mahi. Avneet waits in the balcony and says that only few minutes are left for Mahi then she will be meeting her mother and sister. Arjun and Chanda come in their car, Avneet looks at them they goes inside Pappu’s house. Meanwhile Jogi comes in the balcony and Avneet doesn’t want him to looks at the Arjun’s car parked infront of Jogi house.

She tells him to go to his room she will prepare something for him for his headache, same time a crow starts crowing Jogi turns and shouts at the crow, he sees Arjun’s car parked here. Jogi gets angry and says that how dare this guy came to his house after he had humiliated him yesterday. Jogi goes to scold Arjun, Avneet also ran behind him to stop him for few minutes.

As Arjun enters Pappu house, Shalu stops him but he pushes her aside and takes out his gun and points it on Mahi. Jogi is coming to Pappu house too but Avneet pretends to fall down and tells to Jogi that she got sprain and could not walk. Jogi picks her up and takes back home.

Jogi puts Avneet on his bed, she says that she is little better. Jogi tells her that he has to know why Arjun came her and goes to find Arjun. Avneet says that she will not stop him as Arjun must have completed his work and Mahi must be dead. Arjun comes out from Pappu home, Chanda tells him that she has forgotten her phone inside. Jogi stands infront of Arjun and insults him and ask him how can he forget the humiliation he did to him, Jogi tries to hit him but Mahi comes and holds his hand.

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 30th October 2021 Written Update:

Jogi is shocked to see Mahi. Biji tells to Rupa that Diwali preparation should be done nicely, Rupa tells to Biji from last three years she was not even ready to celebrate any festival and now what had happened. They hear some voice from outside, they went to see. Even Avneet is happy as she thinks that Mahi must be dead, she also goes out to check. Rupa gets shocked to see Mahi, Mahi is shouting at Jogi that how could he insult their guests and also calls him alcoholic.

Mahi tells to Jogi that he has unholy her house and he is not allowed there. Avneet looks at Arjun, as Mahi is still alive. She pours water and washes the place where Jogi was standing, Rupa ask what she is doing here. Mahi tells to Rupa do not allow his son near her. Jogi laughs at Mahi and says that she is jealous of his achievements.

He holds her hand and ask her to come, he shows his house to her and says that he bought this from his own money. He shows his car and also tells her that people do crazy things to meet him, this face is so expensive for his fans. Mahi tells him still he doesn’t have love in his life. She tells him that she will not get flattened by this showoff. Mahi says that infront of her he doesn’t stand.

Precap :Jogi loses his control and slaps Mahi.

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