Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 14th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Mahi ask Jogi why he called her, he doesn’t cared about her and ask for his phone. Mahi wonders Jogi texted and now he pretends like he doesn’t know anything. Avneet tries to extinguish the holy lamp but mean time Jogi came. Avneet gives his phone to him and he leaves. Mahi understands her plan. When Jogi left Rupa comes and ask Avneet why was Jogi calling her

. Avneet tells her that Jogi was looking for his Phone so she gave him. Rupa is happy and praises Avneet that how much she cares about Jogi. Mahi comes and tells Avneet that she wants her to take care of holy lamp as she is busy preparing for Prasad. Rupa taunts her that so fast she became tired as she have to look for it for nine days. Mahi says she is not tired but as in the morning she didn’t allowed Avneet to do tha pooja so she is giving her chance to look for Mata Rani. Avneet agrees to it, Rupa left.

Mahi tells Avneet that how smartly she planned against her. Avneet is not ready to accept. Mahi saya that when Avneet was with Jogi she asked him to get freshen up and then she texted from his phone to Mahi, when Mahi went to see Jogi Avneet plan was to extinguish the holy lamp and blame on Mahi. But when Jogi Came back to take his phone so her plan failed. Avneet praises Mahi that she became smart with her company. Mahi ask her to go and take care of the holy lamp. Avneet takes a vow in front of Mata Rani she tells to Mata Rani that as she knows how much she loves Jogi and she wants her love back from Mahi. So she vows that at the end of ninth day she will break Jogi and Mahi’s relationship, she promises that she will break their bonding.

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 13th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Rupa ask Mahi’s menu for the prasad. Arjun comes with Jogi. He brings a hamper with him, he informs that today’s that director’s birthday so to impress him he bought this hamper for him. Arjun ask Mahi to take that hamper and keep it safely. Mahi drops that hamper and the alcohol bottle is broken. Rupa shouts that how dare he bought alcohol in Navratri at their home. Mahi also shows anger and tells that how could he bring alcohol as they set up Kalash and Mata Rani at their home in Navratri. Avneet comes and supports Arjun and says that it’s not a big deal as Arjun didn’t know. Mahi tells to Avneet that may be for her it’s not a big deal but for them it matters alot. Jogi also supports Avneet, she is happy to get Jogi’s support. Jogi ask to finish the matter but Mahi says it’s was a big mistake, she didn’t want to disregard Mata Rani, Jogi argues with her. Biji also supports Mahi. Jogi ask apology from them and ask Arjun to cancel his meeting he didn’t want to meet anyone. Avneet says that she will clean the mess, Biji taunts her and tells that people should clean their dirt themselves. Biji ask Mahi to put Gagangajal in the house.

Avneet thanks Mata Rani as Jogi supported her. Biji ask Mahi to have something as she is fasting, Biji gives her coconut water to drink. Biji and Rupa goes out and tells Mahi that they will come back in five six hours. Mahi goes to drop them till gate.eanwhile Avneet get a chance to add a medicine to Mahi’s drink. When Mahi comes back she finishes her drink as she didn’t know about the medicine.

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