Apna Time Bhi Aayega 14th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Rani asks Champa to apply Mehndi on Nanthini’s hand. She tells her to choose good design otherwise Rajeshwari will scold the latter. Champa applies Mehndi on Nanthini’s hand and thinks that Rani would have saved the latter for sure. Rani praises the design and asks Champa to write J and N. Jai thinks that Rani is really cunning that’s why she is using Champa. Rani thinks that Champa won’t be able to tolerate much. Champa leaves from there after applying Mehndi on Nanthini’s hand.

Meanwhile, Kajri tells Vikram that she gave food to Kiara already. Kiara struggles to breathe. Vikram understands that Kiara struggling because of the food she ate. He tells Kajri that Kiara is allergic to that ‘poha’. He asks Kajri to untie him. She unties him and puts the knife on Kiara’s neck. He finds Kiara’s purse and takes injection from it. Then he injects Kiara. Kajri ties him again. He asks her that when she changed like this because she used to take care of everyone. She asks him that don’t she have any rights to think about her happiness. She reminds him that she was ready to do anything for him but he left her. She tells him that he forced her to do all this. He tells her that she won’t get what she want. She laughs at him and tells him that tomorrow their marriage will happen.

Champa gets angry recalling the recent moments. She tells Jai that she won’t leave Rani and Nanthini. He asks her to calm down otherwise everything will be ruined and they needs Nanthini’s money that’s why he is acting now. She tells him that she can’t see all this so she is going to tell the truth to everyone. He tells her that he can understand that everything is difficult for her but he needs time to make everything fine and hugs her. Rani clicks their picture to expose them. She collides with Servant and drops the mobile. He apologizes to her and gives the mobile to her.

Kajri tells Kiara to apply Mehndi on her hand. Vikram signals Kiara and she nods at him. Kiara pushes Kajri but Kajri puts the knife on Vikram’s neck. So Kiara applies Mehndi on Kajri’s hand. Vikram diverts Kajri. And Kiara snatches the knife from Kajri. But Kajri throws red powder on Kiara’s face and the latter struggles to open her eyes.

Rani tells Rajavat’s that Jai playing with Nanthini’s feelings and he don’t deserve to be anyone’s husband. Rajeshwari asks her that why the latter saying like this. Veer tells her that she also knows that Rani won’t lie. Rajmata tells him that without evidence they can’t accuse Jai. Rani tells them that she has an evidence and shows cartoon character picture. She gets shocks seeing the picture. Jai smriks and recalls that how he bribed Servant to delete the picture.

He tells them that they loves to insult him. Rani asks Nanthini to tell the truth but the latter remains silent. Jai tells Rani that she want to break this marriage that’s why she is doing all this. He accepts that he made mistakes but he changed now. Rani pleads Champa to tell the truth.

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