Tera Mera Saath Rahe 2nd November 2021 Written Update:

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 2nd November 2021 Gopika gets her mehndi done. Saksham calls Nikhila and says can you send my stuff to the office. I need to go to the airport directly? She says so you won’t come home? He says no I will go directly.

He says you have to come home. Gopika has fasted for karwachauth. You have to break her fast. He says I am going to fix the damage that she did. I can’t come. Please send the designs Radhika sent as well. Gopika says it’s okay maa, I will get his stuff in the car. Gopika leaves.

Scene 2
Tejal keeps eating. Ramila says you’re eating? It’s your first karwachauth. She says you think I will fast for your useless son? Ramila says you didn’t bring food from your mom’s place. Tejal says if you wanted me to fast, you should have sent sargi. Ramila says I came and you were asleep. What I asked for and what I got. Tejal says if you don’t want me here I can leave. Ramila says stop it.

Scene 3
Gopika wipes her mehndi and packs Saksham’s bags. Nikhila says Gopika you got his things ready. You didn’t think what will happen to your fast? Gopika says I know it’s important for him to leave but my fast is also important. I won’t eat anything until he comes back. Nikhila is shocked.

All women break fasts at night. Gopika recalls when SAksham took her out for shopping. Nikhila gets a call and they ask her to see the news. The news reports that the plane Saksham was in crashed. They tell names of people who died. Saksham’s name is in the list. Everyone is shocked. Nikhila faints. Gopika recalls her wedding with Saksham. Gopika says I didn’t break my fast. How could you do this Matarani? My Saksham ji will come. He has to. Gopika cries.

Mr. Modi tries to contact his people. Chiragh says I checked at the airport. There’s no confirm news yet. Aashi says everything will be fine. Don’t worry. Gopika sits outside and cries. Minal comes and says please come inside. It’s getting cold here. Gopika says until Saksham comes, I will wait for him here. I won’t come inside. Minal leaves.

Nikhila is crying. Minal sits with her. Nikhila says my son was more precious than life. I don’t even know where he is. Please do some miracle and bring my Saksham back home. Gopika prays for Saksham to return. She says he’s the life of this house. You can’t take their life away from them. Gopika looks at the moon. She faints. Soemone holds her. He makes her drink water. Gopika opens her eyes.

It’s Saksham. Gopika says you? Are you okay? He says are you crazy? Now I had to come home because of you. You will fast so I can’t leave? What should I do? Leave work? Shut down the business? Tell me? What are you looking? It’s useless to talk to you. Gopika smiles in shock. Gopika says listen please. He goes inside. Saksham says don’t follow me. Nikhila and minal are shocked to see him.

Nikhila hugs Saksham. She says you came back home? He says because of this Gopika’s stupidity? Who asked you to pack for me? You left Radhika’s designs. Why didn’t you put them in my bag? I realized it was so late. So I had to come back home. My car broke then, I had to cancel the flight. Nikhila says this is God’s blessing.

Saksham says what are you saying? It was such an important deal. If I went to Japan without designs what face would I show to the client? Nikhila says if you went to Japan we would never see your face. Saksham says what do you mean? Everyone hugs Saksham and cries. He says my deal is in trouble because of her and you’re all crying? Gopika says because of Gopika problem went away.

Saksham says will anyone tell me what happened? Chiragh says the flight going to Japan crased and all passengers.. Saksham says in that means because of Gopika my life was saved. Chiragh says why was your name in the list? Saksham says I missed the flight. Nikhila says Gopika you fasted with all your faith and heart and it saved Saksham’s life.

Precap :Aashi says the design is ruined because of oil. Saksham sends a message to Radhika and says can you please fix my designs? Gopika losses her glasses and says how will I make designs without glasses.

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