Rishton Ka Manjha 2nd November 2021 Written Update:

Rishton Ka Manjha 2nd November 2021 Arjun is asleep. He thinks about what Arjun said. Depika says what are you thinking Diya? Diya says I didn’t like seeing Arjun like that. He tries to be my strength but he uses alcohol to forget his pain. I don’t know how he is. Depika says don’t worry. Maa must be with Arjun. She must have made him sleep. Did you eat? Diya says yes. Depika says you should rest. Diya says does he always drink? Depika says yes. But don’t worry. Dadi and I think you will end this phase.

Kush says to Niharika your plans will fail in front of Diya. Don’t embarrass yourself. She says no one can embarrass me. She’s a cheap girl. You are the one who embarrasses himself with this stupid music instead of business. He says I wish you understood but nothing is more important than money to you. Arjun is with Diya.

Scene 2
Diya can’t sleep. She says I am so hungry. The candle catches fire near Arjun’s bed. Diya says I can’t even go to the kitchen. Diya sneaks out of her room. Arjun’s curtains catch fire. Diya comes to the kitchen. She recalls Madhuri asked her not to enter the kitchen. Diya says I can ask the maid to get me food. Diya sees smoke coming out of Arjun’s room. Diya runs upstairs. Diya runs inside. Diya screams Arjun wake up. Open your eyes. Diya tries to extinguish fire. She screams.

Everyone runs to Arjun’s room. Diya tries to pick Arjun. Maduri screams outside. Madhuri says let me go inside. They bring him outside. Madhuri says Arjun open eyes please. Diya says Arjun open your eyes please. Are you okay? Arjun opens his eyes. Madhuri smiles. Kush says thank you Diya. you saved Arjun’s life.

Well done. Diya says I was hungry. Then I recalled maa asked me to not to go to kitchen. I was looking for Banu and them I saw smoke coming out of his room. Then I recalled that candle. Tina says but Kush Guru ji said that candle should be lightened for a month. Kush says it became dangerous. Everything that the Jotshi said, it’s opposit happened. He said Diya won’t be good for Arjun yet she saved his life. Because of that candle Arjun could lose his life.

Madhuri says it was my fault. I was angry and didn’t even go to his room once to check. If I lost the windows the curtains won’t have caught the fire. DAdi says Arjun is okay that’s all that matters. Dadi says Kush take Arjun to the other room. Arjun holds Diya’s hand. He says your hand is burned. Is it hurting? She says I am fine. Arjun says it’s burned. We have to apply medicine. Depika says you rest. I will apply medicine on it. Arjun says get it done. Madhuri says call Dr. Gupta if needed. Diya smiles.

Madhuri says I didn’t leave him alone ever. It could be such a huge accident. Dadi says yes. It could be but Diya went there on time. She saved his life. Don’t worry. God will fix everything. Tina says dadi you should sleep.

We will stay with aunty. Dadi leaves. Tina says are you okay aunty? Come sit here. Tina says Diya saved Arjun’s life like an angel. If she didn’t see the fire, it would have been a huge tragedy. Niharika says the tragedy did happen. I was thinking is Diya the reason of this tragedy? Tina says but what are you saying? She saved him. Niharika says Guru ji said Diya will bring problems in his life. Did he mean such accidents? Tina says but Diya risked her life to save Arjun. How could it happen because of Diya’s kundli. Is it possible? Niharik says yes it can happen.

Precap :Arjun says thank you for last night. If you weren’t there I don’t know what would have happened. He applies medicine on her hand. Tina says to Madhuri Diya went to Arjun’s room.

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