Spy Bahu Written Update 29th August 2022:

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Shalini and Krish taking Sejal to her room. Shalini feels Sejal is lying about losing recollections. Sejal tells house is so huge and she is getting confounded. Krish shows her room. She sees Aarti’s image and gets some information about her. Shalini tells she is Yohan’s genuine mother.

Ahana feels that Sejal is imagining and needs to kill her yet Veera cautions her against it as Yohan has brought her at home . Ahana commitments to not allow Yohan to go off from her life. Arun comes to room and finds Veera hanging tight for him with liquor. She attempts to tempt and control him to toss Sejal out from home.

Anyway Arun rigorously denies on the grounds that Sejal is conveying their family youngster in her belly. At room Sejal glances around and actually takes a look at pantries. She asks why there is no sign at all that she used to live there. She is glimpsing inside Yohan’s pantry when he comes there. Sejal questions him about her assets. Yohan recalls how he had torched everything. Yohan expresses nothing to Sejal..

Sejal puts Yohan’s hands on her belly and inquires as to whether he is concealing something and on the off chance that he has purposefully taken out her recollections from his room. She additionally inquiries concerning what double-crossing was he referring to.

Yohan changes the subject by saying that he has requested to carry warm water with salt and she ought to dunk her legs in it to feel improved. Yohan begins leaving the room, Sejal asks him where he is going so late around evening time yet he doesn’t tell her. Yohan is again at boxing ring getting gravely pummeled. Individuals giggle at his condition.

Sejal additionally comes there and feels stunned. Sejal advises Yohan to stop yet he continues to get injured. Everybody leaves from that point. Yohan is lying in the ring harmed. Sejal brings medical aid box to treat his injuries however he doesn’t permit her. She powerfully treats him and he continues to check her out.

Sejal asks him the justification for his way of behaving and feels grief stricken seeing his difficult condition. Yohan tells that she generally double-crosses him. Indeed, even their most memorable gathering was a dhoka and she is doing same at this point. Sejal is confounded and he faults her for claiming to have cognitive decline and removing his child from him. Sejal is astounded when Yohan advises her to leave him in the wake of giving him his child.

Sejal falls oblivious. Yohan takes her to room and makes her lie on the bed. Shalini prods Ahana about neglecting to turn into her sister by marriage as Yohan has brought Sejal back. Yohan sees Sejal feeling cold so turns the AC off. He brings Sejal’s sweeping and figures she will doubtlessly respond seeing it and he will get her untruth. Veera calls Yohan and requests that he let Sejal go. The episode closes with Yohan saying he will before long demonstrate that Sejal hasn’t failed to remember anything which shocks Veera and Ahana.

The episode begins with Sejal being stressed over going to Nanda Mansion. Yohan tells her she doesn’t have to stress to such an extent just like her home. She gets some information about relatives. He proceeds to tell about Arun, Veera, Shail, Shalini, Krish and expresses most joyful to see her future his sister Drishti who has quite recently brought forth child kid Adi few months back. Sejal inquires as to whether she additionally similarly cherished Drishti. Yohan recalls about seeing Sejal’s image at Abhishek’s homicide site.

At Nanda Mansion, Krish tells at some point is left for Puja so he will do some presentation. Veera calls Ahana and admonishes her for wearing modest adornments. She gives her familial extras and requests that she wear it so she looks tasteful. Ahana feels irritated however says nothing.

Krish and Shalini begin moving and Ahana likewise goes along with them. Arun calls Yohan to ask where he is. He says he is right at the entryway. While getting out of the vehicle, Sejal’s foot turns. She cries in torment. Yohan tells that he will life her up. Sejal is reluctant yet Yohan picks her.

Veera requests that Ahana carry plate of Gulaal to invite Yohan and this time they need to finish the commitment. Yohan goes into the house with Sejal in his arms. Ahana is stunned and drops the plate she was holding. Everybody takes a gander at entryway and gets stunned too seeing Sejal alive and pregnant as well.

Yohan says before anybody says anything he needs to explain that Sejal got away from death however has likewise lost every one of her recollections and remembers nothing. Yohan tells Sejal is attempted due to long travel and ought to proceed to rest. Arun stops him.

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