Nima Denzongpa Written Update 29th August 2022:

Nima Denzongpa Written Update 29th August 2022 on

Sunita gives the DNA report to Nima. She tells her today they will realize what’s Manav genuine personality? Nima supplicates god and opens it. She gets stunned perusing results are not coordinated. Manav gets frustrated hearing it. Sunita tells her that she is tricking her. Manav tells her that he isn’t her Virat.

Nima shares with him that she doesn’t have the foggiest idea what is truth or falsehood? However, this DNA tests are not match. Manav gets close to home listening to it and takes the anklets he brought for Nima. He tells her that he carried it for her to gift her after the outcome come. How would it be advisable for him to manage this?

Nima requests that he keep it with him. In the interim Sujatha stops the mailman. She enquires him Is he completed the task she provided for him? He tells her it’s finished. He will not sell out anybody after he get cash from her. Sujatha request him to give the first report to her yet he deny it thinking it’s gamble. He will lost his employment assuming that somebody think that it is out. Sujatha shares with him that she can’t ready to trust him so she want to arrange it before somebody watch it.

He gives it to her. Sujatha believes that Nima attempted to play a game with her yet she won’t let her take her Manav from her. Later Manav going to leave however halted. He forward his hand to shake it with Nima yet she crossed her palm to him. At the point when he rehash it she follows him. He leaves from that point in tears.

Sunita asks Nima what’s happening here? Nima tells her she has no clue by any means. Sujatha’s mother ask her how could she figure out Nima arranged DNA test? Sujatha tells her that she figured out Nima tossed their examples down however not Manav. She enquires about it to somebody and finds out about DNA test. In this Mumbai just not many lab do this DNA test.

Nobody will help us in the event that she don’t burn through cash. She gave 50 thousand for it. Her mother asks her where did she get that much cash? She tells her she took her chain. She frowns at her. She changed the report. Manav comes there and hear it. He asks her What’s report? Sujatha deceives him she is discussing her report. Lets counsel specialist and take her report for their little family.

Manav tells her no more stand by he will give it to her. He takes her from that point. Sujatha gets astonished to hear it and ask him Is he want to do it in day time? He gestures to her. She close the entryway and sits next to him. Manav tells her that he fail to remember everything except she didn’t. He asks her what’s his #1 food? She offers wrong responses to him lastly makes reference to momos to clear the misconception.

He asks her what’s his leisure activity? How did he used to help his diversion? She deceives him that he prefers staring at the TV. He used to ride auto for his diversion. He tells her not the slightest bit. Sujatha asks him For what good reason did he scrutinizing her like this. He causes her to sit alongside him once more. He asks her when did our marriage occurred? What variety dress she wore on their big day? She misleads him as green lehanga. He tells her it’s untruth.

Didn’t she showed their marriage picture to him? She worked red lehanga in it. She tells him she failed to remember that for what reason did he scrutinizing her like this. She deceives him that she want to take a stroll with mother. Later Nima requests that Sunita eat something however she deny it. Sunita tells her she will not eat untill she eat. Nima shares with her that she actually accepting He is her Virat yet results are not lean toward to her. She chose to leave from that point. In the interim Manav gets Nima’s fantasy and questions what’s happening?

He sees so many personality card from a handbag. He figures out Virat’s character card and thinks Nima is at that moment for what reason did report got changed? He opens the bag and gets stunned to see the things inside. In the mean time Sujatha shares ri her mother that Manav continues to scrutinize her. She admonishes Tushar for let him be and takes him from that point. Manav figures out the DNA report and get blissful. Sujatha thumps on the entryway. Manav attempts to rework the things in rush.

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