Sherdil Shergill Written Update 19th October 2022:

Sherdil Shergill Written Update 19th October 2022 on

Episode begins with Raj awakening and gets up briskly acknowledging he nodded off at Manmeet’s place. He sees the espresso Manmeet had made and drinks it. Prior to leaving, Raj sees Manmeet resting on couch and covers her with cover.

Nirali is contemplating late happenings. Raj’s twin sister comes and gets some information about where Raj is. Nirali says he isn’t at home and didn’t actually eat anything. She attempts to prompts Nirali saying Manmeet has done wizardry on Raj. Raj comes and tracks down them in their room. He lies that he had gone to have espresso with companions.

Nirali lets Raj know that she will begin tracking down lady of the hour for her. Manmeet comes to office and gets stunned to see Raj is as of now there. She asks him the justification behind coming early. He prods her colloquialism that he was unable to rest subsequent to having espresso made by her. She asks when did he drink it. He tells after he awakened he did. Manmeet asks Raj for what reason he didn’t awaken her prior to leaving. He jokes that he sees as her charming while at the same time dozing. Mishraji watches them intently talking and thinks something is truly going on.

Manmeet inquires as to whether he has quit striking dates in schedule. The two of them are battling to get the journal and Mishraji again misreads them. Manmeet sees him peeping. Later before staffs Manmeet stringently cautions Raj to go to the gathering in night and not leave the workplace. Raj inquires as to whether he has had espresso made by supervisor since he had it. Later again Manmeet calls Raj inside to converse with him about Nikki. He says that he will deal with her yet Manmeet cautions him that he shouldn’t mess with her.

Nikki changes her way of life as Komal and meets Radhe. She plays with him and attempts to get data about Raj and his entire family from him. Nirali calls Raj and lets him know that he should be home at 5 PM as lady’s family is coming and gives insights concerning the young lady. Mr Yadav asks Nirali for what good reason she is rushing to such an extent. She tells about Raj returning home later around evening time even after he beat him up. She advises its important to get him hitched to quit anything wrong from occurring.

Vidya calls Manmeet and cries severely. Manmeet races to home. She calls Raj and he tells about taking off for 3 days for his demonstration however she says that their is some crisis with respect to Anmol and advises him to get back home. Anmol continues to cry. Raj comes and says he has called his family specialist to save time.

Manmeet is stressed as Anmol continues to cry. Specialist comes and assists taking out pea with cultivating from Anmol. Manmeet holds Raj’s hand being anxious. Later she thanks specialist for making a difference. He asks Raj when he got hitched. Raj tells that Manmeet is his companion and chief. The episode closes with specialist saying that Raj had before said that his child has issue and Manmeet sees him stunned.

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