Sasural Simar Ka 2 Written Update 19th October 2022:

Sasural Simar Ka 2 Written Update 19th October 2022 on

Episode begins with the looking of Aarav by Simar. Simar runs towards the outside to look through him. Aarav actually thinks Mayakshi as Simar. Mayakshi requests that he propose sincerely. Being humiliated, Aarav communicates that she means a lot to her. Yet, Mayakshi demands him to tell her the amount he cherishes her in this extraordinary day.

She needs to listen how lovely she is. Mayakshi blushes to contemplate their closeness. She has been holding up since hundred years this day. Aarav recommends that he needs to remarry Simar. He knees down to gift a ring to her. Mayakshi is overpowered to get back her deep rooted love. Aarav shuts her eyes and knees down to gift her that ring. In any case, out of nowhere Simar comes.

Subsequent to happening to Simar, Aarav becomes confounded about Simar’s situation. Mayakshi disappeares. Aarav gets back his sense. He is astounded to see the ring on his hand and the game plan of the enrichment. The two of them become screwless to think who has organized it.

Simar says regarding the previous episode when she was gone after to kill. She shudders out of pure dread apprehension. Aarav attempts to placate her. Out of nowhere the two of them get astounded to see se shadows. However at that point shockingly Reema, Vivaan, Aditi, Gagan, Riyansh come to commend their commemoration. They look excited and need to commend the occasion.

They bring the cake and begin commencement. Simar and Aarav are approached to cut the cake. They wish one another and see the fire breaking together. Riyansh organized those fire breaking game plan. Aarav is approached to place the ring in the finger of Simar. They energize Aarav by applauding.

Mayakshi gets desirous to see them together.
Aarav venerates the affection for Simar. Simar is proposed again by Aarav. He says that he love her. Simar is overpowered to hear “I love you”. Mayakshi becomes ludicrous to listen the adoration towards Simar. Kavya requests that Aarav recount an enchanted verse.

Aarav discusses a superb shayri being in lost according to Simar. Riyansh again requests that he offer something elegant. Aarav portrays cleverly Simar’s worth in his life through the verse. Aarav firmly embraces Simar. Aarav requests that Simar remarry her. Out of nowhere the fire breaking shows ” will you wed me?”

Simar joyfully says, yes. She just needs to accompany her. Everybody partakes in the occasion. Presently Simar kneels and contacts the feet of Aarav. Simar energetically says the affection for him. She blushes to consider their marriage. Again they embraced one another.

Aarav and Simar begin to trade the ring together. Other empower them by tossing them blossoms. Simar kisses the hand of Aarav. Aarav lost himself according to Simar. Mayakshi gets terminated to see their closeness. Mayakshi goes to stop them. In any case, she is stopped by Kamakshi. She says to sit tight for later, in light of the fact that tommorow is their marriage. Mayakshi plans that she will wed Aarav tommorow.

In the following morning, ager scrubbing down Aarav comes in his room. He reminds how exceptional the day was, the point at which they meet with one another. He lost in the memory of their delightful past days. Unexpectedly Aarav sees a fallen ring, which is being gotten by Mayakshi.

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