Sherdil Shergill 16th November 2022 Written Update:

Sherdil Shergill 16th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Raj and Manmeet attempting to open the entryway and Raj says he adores Anmol which makes Manmeet profound. She begins assisting him with opening the entryway however winds up crashing into wall and gets injured on head.

Manmeet begins shudder gravely so Raj embraces all her warm. Hussain gets some information about where Raj and Manmeet are as they are not anyplace. Raj attempts to occupy Manmeet by prodding her however Manmeet continues to embrace him closer. Raj recalls his recollections enjoyed with Manmeet. Manmeet falls oblivious because of outrageous virus.

Office individuals continue to look for Raj and Manmeet. Raj panics as Manmeet doesn’t acquire cognizance. He has a whistle in his pocket and starts blowing it noisily. Hussain hears and acknowledges it same tune as one Raj was utilizing and runs towards it.

Raj continues to blow it lastly Hussain arrives at the cooler space to find both Raj and Manmeet fallen oblivious embracing one another. Hussain gets stunned seeing them. Specialist tells that Manmeet is fine and will acquire cognizance subsequent to resting a little. Raj sits next to her and strokes her brow. He holds her hand and nods off next to her.

Raj and Manmeet awaken to wind up lying in every others arms. Raj advises her compelling reason need to say thanks to him as supervisor ought to deal with workers. Manmeet expresses gratitude toward him. He expresses her to prepare and they will leave.

At home, Mr Yadav inquires as to whether all is going great and is taken care of in office. He says financial backers will be going to office and he has guaranteed them to increment 10 stories in sky city project building. Raj says Manmeet previously said it isn’t possible.

Mr Yadav incites Raj and says he is the manager now and he really wants to make it happen. At office Raj offers Manmeet squeeze and inquires as to whether her physical issue is better. Manmeet expresses gratitude toward him and inquires as to whether he wants anything. Raj says he really want to ask her something.

He recounts her on the off chance that 10 stories can be expanded in sky city building. She inquires as to whether Mr Yadav has told him and denies yet Raj continues to demand. He yells and requests that Misharji bring all reports connected with the undertaking.

Puneet and Ajeet are on way to Sirdi. They take a stop for tea and Ajeet says they shouldn’t have let Manmeet be nevertheless Puneet says she takes better choice when she is separated from everyone else. Ajeet inquires as to why abruptly she concurred for DNa test. Puneet tells since she comprehended it can tackle many issues yet anyway how she managed Raj was so off-base.

At office Raj is stubbornly attempting to track down method for expanding the floors. Raj address Manmeet as Jaan and advises all individuals there to get acclimated of it. Manmeet by implication censures his absence of information in design and says in the event that its finished structure might fall and he way get captured as he is the chief. The episode closes with Misharji inciting Raj against Manmeet.

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