Sherdil Shergill 15th November 2022 Written Update:

Sherdil Shergill 15th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Raj requesting that Manmeet express out loud whatever he needs to hear, to say she cherishes him. Manmeet reviews how she admitted her adoration to Puneet. Raj hauls her nearer and says to tell she cherishes Raj.

Manmeet advises him to quiet down yet Raj says she can’t go and requests that she apply emollient on his back as he has got injured. Manmeet denies yet he says she can’t generally go leaving him in torment. Raj continues to prod her and tells to put analgesic on back.

Manmeet at last makes it happen and he continues kidding saying he wishes her to do this back rub for seven births. Manmeet squeezes him because of which he shouts. Hussain who is passing by hears it and inquires as to whether all is well.

Manmeet requests that he say OK yet Raj says there was a rodent. Then Husain gets some information about Manmeet and Raj lies that she went to pool. Manmeet hits Raj on back and says she is going at this point. He actually continues to prod her. Manmeet thinks how Raj is doing her, neither might she at any point disregard him nor push ahead. She wishes he quits doing this.

Around evening time everybody is observing, Hussain calls Manmeet and requests that she descend yet she says she is chipping away at the plans. Raj takes the telephone and advises her to quit working and come to party however she denies. Somebody thumps at Manmeet’s door and she expresses Raj to disappear however the server came to surrender her Raj’s bundle.

She sees the letter says that Raj has sent a dress and assuming that she continues to stow away from him, he will accept she cherishes him yet on the off chance that she doesn’t she ought to wear the dress and come to party.

Raj enthusiastically trusts that Manmeet will come. He feels totally entranced and brushed off seeing Manmeet in the dress he had sent. She says him trust its demonstrated to him that she doesn’t cherish him. Raj says its alright atleast she came here.

He says messy Shayaris for herself and offers her to hit the dance floor with him. Sharda comes there and expresses Manmeet there is call from her home. Manmeet says her mumma is calling and goes aside. Raj remains behind her as she completes her call.

Raj continues to admit his sentiments to Manmeet as he embraces her and keeping in mind that moving Raj asks Manmeet for what valid reason she isn’t saying those three words to him. He draws near to her and they are going to kiss when Manmeet shoves him to the side and goes into inside a room.

Raj follows her inside. Manmeet gets stunned to see the cooler room she entered it and winds up getting locked inside it with Raj. Both Raj and Manmeet shake with cold yet Raj offers his coat to Manmeet. Raj attempting to open the entryway with bar and Manmeet keeps her hand on his to help him.

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