Sasural Simar Ka 2 2nd November 2021 Written Update:

Sasural Simar Ka 2 2nd November 2021 Episode starts with Simar asking Vivaan to promise that he will do everything which he shall do to become fine. Vivaan says why shall I remember, you are there to take care of me. Simar says no, I am not there. Vivaan says sorry Bhabhi, I don’t want to hurt you. Simar says I am not your bhabhi also. He says I don’t know when I will leave this habit.

Simar says no sorry and thank you in friendship. He says now I have to drink all lauki and kerala juice. He says I can give my life for Bhai and you. Aarav is also in the room and scolds him for telling this. He says you know what has happened with you. Vivaan says sorry Bhai. Simar asks Vivaan to take care and says I will leave now. She doesn’t look at Aarav and walks out. Aarav looks at her. vivaan says why you let her go, I thought you will stop her. He asks how did you let her go? Aarav holds his hand.

Divya eats prasad and says someone stop me, else I will eat fully. She tells Shobha that the halwa is mindblowing. Shobha smiles and then looks at Lalit. She blames Roma for Lalit’s sad condition, and then asks Divya to bring some boxes from storeroom. Divya says sure. She goes and finds poison bottle outside the storeroom. She comes to Rajendra and Shobha and show them poison bottle.

Rajendra says it is poison. Lalit and Rajendra run to storeroom. Lalit asks Roma to open the door. Rajendra asks him to break the door. Lalit breaks the door and gets inside. They find Roma lying on the floor with poisonous stuff coming from her mouth. Gagan thinks how to go inside, all Oswal family is in danger. Aarav holds Simar’s hand. Simar says leave my hand Aarav ji. He says I will not stop you.

Simar asks why are you showing rights on me. He says that reverse rounds happened due to badimaa’s stubbornness, whatever we have between us, can’t be over. Simar says I don’t want to stay in any misunderstanding and says there is no relation between us now. She is about to go. Aarav says you don’t know to lie, as your eyes say everything clearly. It is his imagination, and Simar is far from him.

Badi Maa calls Aarav and asks where are you lost? Aarav says nothing is left now. Simar turns and looks at Badi Maa. Badi Maa says only family members can meet Vivaan, there is no place for outsiders here, and asks her if she heard. Aarav says her name is Simar, and she is related to Reema and that’s why she will be related to us too. Badi Maa says this is hospital and has rules and regulations. Simar says you said right, I will leave. Badi maa asks Sandhya and Aditi to come and goes. Sandhya looks at Simar and smiles. Aditi also looks at her and goes.

Simar is going out and walks past Aarav. Aarav gets a call and picks it. He then meets Gagan, who shows him video of Mohit and Rana. Gagan says I sent it, but you didn’t see. Aarav gets angry watching the video and takes out his belt, saying he wants to do Aarav Oswal’s family last rites. Simar sees Aarav angrily walking away holding belt in his hand, and then sitting in his car and leaving.

She asks Gagan where did he go angrily? Gagan shows him video. Simar is shocked too, to know that Mohit has done this. She runs behind Aarav, when her slippers break. Gagan asks what happened? Simar asks him to go and alert everyone. She says she will go behind Aarav ji. Gagan says Ranas are very dangerous. Simar says I need to be with Aarav ji now and asks him to alert everyone. Aarav is in his car driving. Simar runs on the road.

Mohit tells Rana that he had beaten Vivaan so much, but he is still alive. Rana says it is good that he didn’t open his mouth, and says I made Giriraj quiet. He says if Gitanjali Devi or Aarav came to know about this, then they will not leave you. He asks him to leave the city for sometime. Mohit asks him not to worry.

Aarav comes there and knocks on the door. Goon opens the door. Aarav comes inside, hitting the goon. Mohit shouts at Aarav. Aarav hits him and then tries to strangulate him with the belt. Rana asks him to leave his son and breaks the glass bottle on his head. Aarav is unaffected and tells that nobody can save him today. Rana calls his goons and asks them to catch him. He asks Mohit to come with him. They run out. Aarav is held by the goons. He beats the goons and runs out.

Gagan shows the video to Gajendra. Gajendra calls Simar and says I am with Gagan, he showed me video just now. He asks where are you and Aarav? Simar says she is going there, he might have gone to Mohit. Gajendra asks her to be careful. Badi maa, chitra and giriraj watches the CCTV and sees Mohit colliding with Gagan in the hospital. She says Mohit Rana attacked Vivaan.

Aarav runs behind Mohit. Rana asks goons to bring lathi, gun, knife etc. They say ok. Aarav runs behind Mohit and throws a wooden stick on his legs. Mohit falls down. Aarav catches him and beats him. Mohit also fights with him.

Aarav beats him and says you thinks people’s lives as joke. Now see how you becomes joke. He says you made my mother cry, misbehaved with my sister, kept bad eye on my wife and tried to kill my brother. He continues to beat him. Mohit’s goons and Rana come there. They tie Aarav. Mohit says your game is over. Rana says this is market, not here. Simar sees Aarav taken away and shouts his name.

Divya asks Shobha if roma is dead. Rajendra asks Lalit to lift her and take her to hospital, says need to wash her stomach. Shobha says Roma’s dramas are never ending, if she is knife, then I am gun.

Mohit, Rana and their goons take Aarav to some isolated place. Mohit says tell me the names for whom you want to beat me, I will shoot you for all of them. Aarav says you couldn’t shoot me in my house, and also can’t shoot me here. Simar comes there running and shouts Aarav ji. She comes to Aarav and hugs him. He is tied by the ropes and held by the goons. The goon pushes her away.

Aarav hits the goon with his elbow and asks how dare he to touch his wife. Mohit says he has stopped and says now it will be fun and looks at Simar. Aarav asks him to stop staring his wife, else he will pluck his wife. Mohit says you will pluck my eyes, if I leave you alive. He says I have understood that if I kill her, then you will die twice. Aarav says you have lost the right of forgiveness, don’t lose the right to live.

Mohit says he will kill Aarav so that Simar and his way gets cleared. Simar asks him not to think this, and says you have to walk past by dead body, to touch Aarav ji. Mohit says daddy, filmy scene is going on here and says both hero and heroine are ready to die for each other. He says I am in dilemma about whom to kill first. Rana asks Mohit to shoot them both. Mohit loads the gun and shoots. Simar is shocked.

Precap :Badi Maa comes to the place holding gun and shouts Aarav. Gajendra and Giriraj also come there and gets down from their car. Simar looks on while the goons are behind her.

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