Balika Vadhu 2 2nd November 2021 Written Update:

Balika Vadhu 2 2nd November 2021 Episode starts with Anandi getting up and recalling Maadi Baa’s words that she shall stay here with her heart else shall not stay. Anandi thinks she shall stay here, and make everyone believe that she will stay here.

She feels sorry seeing her uniform, and says she will not know the marks of the test, for which she had prepared so well and thinks now Dhingri don’t have to wait for me to go to school. Anandi comes to Maadi Baa and gives her flowers. Maadi Baa says two things are missing, one is sindoor and other thing is mangalsutra. Anandi says my mangalsutra is in Devgarh, Kaku took me from outside the school.

Maadi Baa says I will do something and tries to put thread in the needle. Anandi offers to help and puts thread in the needle. Maadi Baa asks her to tie the pearls in the thread. She says he couldn’t do it even in her childhood, and used to get scolded by her Baa. Anandi makes the mangalsutra ready. Maadi Baa asks her to wear it, until new mangalsutra is bought. She says now you are looking as my grand son’s wife.

She sees Jigar talking to his friend and packing his school bags. She then sees Kanku also packing her bags. Sejal gives tiffin to Jigar and kisses on his forehead. Anandi gets teary eyes reminiscing her mother. She says I am missing you Baa, and wants to talk to you. She thinks I will ask Kanku di to make me talk to Baa, then thinks she can’t do this. Sejal gives tiffin to Kanku also. She then looks at Anandi standing outside.

Prem ji talks to someone on phone. Maadi Baa asks if money is arranged. Prem ji says they are taking advantage of our loss, and asking for double interest. Sejal gives them tea. Prem ji asks how is anandi? Maadi Baa says she will be fine and asks her to bring mangalsultra for her. Sejal asks can I ask you question?

She says if Anandi will wear mangalsutra and have sindoor. Maadi Baa asks what you are asking? Sejal says what we will tell to the people, who is she? Or if we will tell the truth to everyone, that she is Jigar’s wife. Prem ji says if we express it to the world, then we will land in a big trouble. Maadi Baa says Anandi is bahu of the house, if she don’t wear, then it will be inauspicious.

Diwari asks him to show the courage when he had kidnapped her. Prem ji says we will reveal to the world, then Police will come and arrest me, and then you also come with me. Maadi Baa says nobody shall know that Anandi is our bahu. She asks him to bring gold chain and something. She asks Sejal to make arrangements as the guests will come, and asks her to help of Anandi.

Prem ji meets someone in his house. The guy talks about Mehul. Prem ji says Mehul’s father and babu ji had gone to America. Anandi brings the snacks tray there. The guy asks if she is your daughter. Sejal says she is Premji’s friend’s daughter. Anandi serves him dhokla. He says he didn’t have such a tasty dhokla before. Sejal says this dhokla is made by Anandi. The guy appreciates her for making tasty dhokla, and asks in which standard she is studying. Sejal says 3rd std.

The guy says he will do business with him. Prem ji says what could be the best start than Diwali. The guy leaves. Prem ji touches Maadi Baa’s feet and says he got this deal by sitting at home. Maadi Baa asks him to thank his bhagyalakshmi Anandi, and says just as she came, all the things changed. He thanks Anandi and says your kaku got investor to start up his business again. He apologizes to her for his wrong deeds. Anandi is still sad and upset. Prem ji says today I promise that I will keep you happy always and asks for a hug. Anandi goes from there upset. Sejal also goes behind her.

Ratan and Khim ji look at Anandi’s pics and reminisces the moments with her. Ratan says she is upset with her parents. Khim ji says don’t know how she is staying here, she doesn’t get sleep until she holds your hand.

Ratan says even I don’t get sleep until I hold her hands. Anandi thinks of Khim ji’s confession. Ratan says we have hurt our daughter, we used to taught her to say the truth and was hiding a big truth of her life. She says we will bear this punishment all our lives, we have not just lost Anandi, but her golden childhood too. Sejal looks at Anandi crying looking at her books. She thinks to do something for Anandi so that she can complete her education.

Voiceover: A mother can’t stop herself from planning for a better future for the girl child, even while battling with the turmoil around her. It comes naturally to her.

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