Sasural Simar Ka 2 22nd-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode begins with Aarav stops his car, Simar sees that people are celebrating Navratri she gets excited and tells to Aarav that she loves to do Dandhya and ask him to her inside. Simar says that lets do this for the last time together. Aarav agrees and takes her inside, they get excited to see everyone playing garba in their attire. Aarav saysbto Simar they will go inside in style and ask Simar to choose a dress for her. Simar chooses a dress and ask Aarav how is it, he says whatever she wears she looks good. Simar also chooses a dress for Aarav, they changes their garba dress and ready to play garba.

Mohit reaches the same place and sees Aarav car parked outside. He ask his goons to find Aarav and Simar and to kill him and also ask them not to leave any evidence behind.They goes inside the party hall. Vivaan tries to open the back side of the car but he was stuck inside it and cannot open. Mohit finds Aarav and Simar inside the hall. He orders his goons to spread everywhere and informs him about Simar and Aarav when they will go out.

The music begins and Simar starts dancing. Vivaan tries to open the car back, he saw the man who tried to kill him is standing infront of him then he see Aarav’s car is also here. He picks up a big rock and hits on Mohit’s head, he starts bleeding. Vivaan tells him that his brother is alos her he is not alone and they together will take the revenge. Mohit didn’t show his face to Vivaan, he goes inside the hall.

Aarav praises Simar on her dancing skills. Then their second round as couple round starts, Simar ask Aarav to dance with her as he is Aarav Oswal and can do anything she also challenges him. Aarav take sthe challenge and dances with Simar. Vivaan is looking for Aarav in the crowd, he finds them dancing together, he shouts at Aarav but due to loud music Aarav cannot hear anything. But the goons saw Vivaan they hit him and rolls him inside a carpet. When Aarav see there he cannot see Vivaan. Aarav tells to Simar that he is feeling anxiety, Simar says that may be their seperation time is coming near that’s why he is feeling like this. Reema is on her way looking for Vivaan.

The goons bring Vivaan to Mohit, he ask them to throw him and his brother from running car and faints down. The goon tells that we should do as our boss has commanded us and then we will take him to hospital. Aarav and Simar gets back in their car, Simar thanked Aarav for making her day so special, Aarav tells her that the moment choosen then for this much happiness.

Aarav holds Simar’s hand and drives the car. She bends on him and he kisses her on head. They cries as their seperation time is near. Reema is waiting and looking for Vivaan, meanwhile the goons stops the car and throws Vivaan outside. Reema sees Vivaan, she runs behind the car to catch them but she couldn’t. She then holds Vivaan and ask him to get concious.

Aarav and Simar reaches Oswal Mansion, Simar gets up from Aarav’s shoulder. She ask him that first she is going then he should come, they will go inside seperately as everything is over now. Aarav says that everything is not over now. Geetanjali Devi is waiting and looking at the timer. Aarav wipes Simar tears and kisses her but Simar moves and comes out from the car, but her dupatta stucks on its door. She comes back, she touches Aarav’s hand and it is very hard for th to seperate from each other.

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