Sasural Simar Ka 2 21st-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode begins with Aarav calling Gajender and ask him to send the challan copies. Aarav tells the police to check their trucks while challan is coming. Aarav shows the police challan on his phone. Aarav says that if they will take long time then all their goods will be spoiled and they have to take the responsibility. Mohit ask his goons to bring more bullets and drop them from his car in anger. The police calls Mohit and ask him to come as Aarav work is almost done. Ranaji calls Mohit and ask him to stop but he says that today he will not stop. Mohit looks at Aarav and says that today he is going to end Aarav and nobody could stop him, he hides his face with mask. Geetanjali Devi and family are doing pooja at their home.

Simar looks at Aarav and says that she doesn’t know when she will get to see him from so close, so she wants to capture these moments. Aarav bends down to tie his laces, Simar is recording him on her phone while Mohit is driving towards Aarav to crush him. Simar shouts Aarav move from the way, Aarav gets terrified. Reema gets out to find Vivaan. Vivaan says that he needs to save Aarav at any cost. Reema finds Vivaan’s car on the road and wonders where is Vivaan?

Aarav moves back and saves himself, Simar running and coming towards Aarav sticks her dupatta on Mohit’s car and gets little hurt. Aarav shouts and runs towards Mohit car, Simar shouts the she is fineand ask Aarav to stop. Police comes and ask is he fine? Aarav shouts at police and ask them to investigate about it, Simar thanks Mata Rani for saving them. Geetanjali Devi after finishing the pooja, ask about Aarav. Gajender says that he had frees the truck and now coming back but he was asking about Vivaan. Chitra says that Vivaan is on the way coming home but Reema took him with her. Geetanjali Devi gets angry and says that nobody is following her instructions if they are not following then they can leave the house.

Sandhya is sad, Gajender tells that it feels like our daughter is leaving today. Ranaji ask Mohit if he is doing anything then donot leave any evidence. Vivaan is hiding, Mohit ask his goons that he had got Vivaan or not then he ask them to go to Aarav and kill him. Vivaan hears their conversation and says that he have to go fast to reach Aarav and save him. Aarav puts bandage to Simar. Simar ask him not to take so much care of her otherwise she will get his habit. Simar reminds her that they have very few hours left. She ask Aarav that after sometime when she will be no more Simar Aarav Oswal then what relation they will share? She tells him that she and Vivaan got the relation of friendship. Aarav is in dilemma after hearing Simar. He tells that whatever is left is not written in any book, whatever he feels for her is very confusing for him. He says that he cannot give any name to their relationship. Simar consoles him that nothing like this going to happen.

Vivaan hides in the goons car, Reema worries for Vivaan and tries to track him but couldn’t find him. She says that Vivaan cannot leave him she will talk to him and end all the misunderstanding. Divya ask Shobha that is she getting any smell in the hall, Lalit and Roma tries to hide the smell. Divya ask Roma to prepare tea for her as she is having her work. Griraj ask Chitra that are they against Geetanjali Devi. Chitra suggest him not to confirm anything as they will stand with the winner. Reema reaches the place where Vivaan got accident, she finds his car and worries about Vivaan.

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