Sasural Simar Ka 2 13th May 2022 Written Update:

Sasural Simar Ka 2 13th May 2022 Written Update on

Simar requests that Vivaan come clean with her. Vivaan says that Dhami used to study with them in school. They come to realize that she is a piece difficult and could never abandon Aarav. He says that one day around evening time she came to their room and said that she needs to be with them since her flat mates are disturbing her. Aarav said fine. He lets them know that one day Aarav went out with his companions and Dhami lashed out with him.

Aarav was stunned to see this type of her and requested that she leave from that point. So Dhami attempted to commit suicide. Then they came to realize that Dhami has a sickness of obstinacy. He lets them know that the advisor requested that Aarav deal with Dhami as he felt that Aarav additionally cherishes her. Reema says that it implies Dhami misled his advisor as well. Aarav comes there ahead. He admonishes Vivaan and removes her from that point.

Simar lets Reema know that they need to accomplish something as quickly as time permits. After this Simar goes to her room and attempts to apply medication on her hand. Aarav sees her and says that he can’t help her due to Dhami. He goes to Geetanjali and requests that she help Simar. Dhami sees this and blows up. Geetanjali helps Simar. Simar discovers that Aarav has requested that Geetanjali help her.

Simar expresses gratitude toward Geetanjali. Geetanjali says she doesn’t have to express gratitude toward her. Simar further sees that Dhami is heading off to some place. Simar follows her. She is leaving the house after Dhami. Then, at that point, somebody hauls Simar away from that point. Dhami goes to Simar’s room and messages Aarav from Simar’s telephone to meet her in the nursery. Here Simar gets stunned seeing Samar.

She lets him know he doing here. Simar cautions him not to come here after today. Samar tells Simar that Aarav isn’t great for him. Simar begins leaving from that point. Samar snatches her and embraces her. Dhami snaps their picture. Aarav likewise arrives at there and gets stunned seeing Samar. He goes to her out of resentment. She removes Samar from Simar. Dhami tells Aarav that Simar has an awful person.

Aarav says that Simar is an unadulterated soul. Further, he slaps Samar out of resentment. Aarav lets Samar know that he ought to remain inside his cutoff points. He lets Samar know that he realizes that he needs to make misconstrued between them however he has confidence in Simar that she can do nothing off-base. Samar says that Simar had called him here. Aarav won’t trust him. Simar lets Aarav know how Samar captured her.

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