Choti Sardarni 13th May 2022 Written Update:

Choti Sardarni 13th May 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Police captures Kulwant for shooting Gullu. Rajveer tells Police investigator that it was a mishap. Mannat concurs with him. Seher likewise safeguards Kulwant. Rajveer goes to call the Lawyer. Kulwant lets Jeeto know that she will go to prison on the off chance that that is what the last option needs. She argues her to permit to meet Gullu once. Jeeto carries Gullu’s shirt which is loaded up with blood. She tells her that the last option is answerable for this. She requests that Police overseer take Kulwant from that point and heads inside. Karan requests that Jeeto not do this with Kulwant. He tells her that Kulwant strolled on hot coal for Gullu. He adds that she likewise realizes that Kulwant loves Gullu to such an extent. He argues her to tell Police assessor that it was a mishap.

Bittu and Ranna requests that Police examiner leave Kulwant. Police investigator lets them know that they will wind up in issue. Bittu lets him know that he won’t allow him to take Kulwant from that point. Mannat advises Police auditor that she need to treat Kulwant’s legs which are dying. Police takes Kulwant from that point. Mannat lets Kulwant know that nothing will happen to her. Bittu faults himself for everything. Karan and Ranna consoles Bittu.

In the police headquarters, Seher requests that Kulwant not stress saying that they will organize bail. Rajveer lets Kulwant know that she will be out soon. Kulwant lets them know that God choosed this discipline for her so she acknowledges it. Seher requests that she not say like that. Kulwant tells her that she simply needs everybody’s satisfaction and she couldn’t care less that she is in the slammer now. She adds that she believes Gullu should play like previously. She says that she don’t lament for carrying Mannat to the house as well.

She lets them know that she believes everybody should acknowledge Mannat and Mannat gets her freedoms. Seher requests that she trust God since everybody realizes the last’s goals are essentially dead on. She converses with Police auditor about bail. He tells her that they can do nothing since it’s a kid shooting case so it’s better that she persuades Jeeto to pull out the case. Rajveer lets Seher know that they will converse with Jeeto.

Then again, Dolly lauds Zorawar for saving Gullu’s life. Zorawar gives the credit to Mannat. Cart says that she never figured Bittu will turn out this way. Kiara says that Mannat is essentially dead on in this. Akhil shows the logo which Kiara planned on her mom’s name for Zorawar’s new production line. Red says that it’s wonderful. Zorawar asks Akhil to simply send the logo to Inderpal yet not initiation greeting.

Jeeto hauls Mannat from Gullu’s room and slaps her. Seher says that Jeeto shouldn’t have slapped Mannat. Rajveer tells Jeeto that Mannat is individual from this family. Mannat argues Jeeto to pull out the case. Jeeto will not pull out the case. After some time, everybody attempts to orchestrate bail. Mannat won’t eat thus Karan.

Red distributes about Mannat and Bittu’s relationship in the paper. Everybody gets stunned perusing the article. Karan requests that Mannat not stress since they are with her. Jeeto says that Mannat would have distributed this news. She consumes the paper. She says that Mannat demolished everything. In the mean time, Scarlet consumes the logo. Akhil gets stunned seeing that.

Jeeto advises Bittu to live with his ill-conceived little girl. She adds that she needs separate from Bittu which shocks everybody. Bittu bows down and argues her to not take off from him and the house. However, she overlooks him and heads inside. Mannat believes that Zorawar is capable everything and she will not excuse him.

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