Sanjog Written update 31st August 2022:

Sanjog Written update 31st August 2022 on

Episode begins with Amrita pondering Rajeev and her relationship. She gets weepy eyes reviewing his words about separate, while Rajeev comes there and appearances her. He is sorry for his mix-up and request to fail to remember his words.

She cries expressing that she have envisioned about carrying on with for her entire lives with him, however he cut off their friendship without pondering anything. She gets wistful and reminds him about his stunning choice, while he feels remorseful about it. He holds her hands and says that their fantasy about having a child will work out and demands her to allow him a subsequent opportunity.

She doesn’t get persuaded with his words and says that she have no issue in bringing up the kid all alone. Amrita declares that she won’t at any point isolate him from his kid and guarantees that the child will continuously be his. She likewise tells that he don’t need to be with her strongly and questions that on the off chance that he truly don’t cherish her any longer? He faces an unrest and ponders Rakshita’s words. He then, at that point, embraces Amrita and guarantees to constantly accompany her.

Around then Rajeshwari comes there alongside the other relatives. She shows her energy to invite the child and calls every one of her family members to give the uplifting news. In the mean time, the specialist tells that main a solitary individual can remain with Amrita,

while Rajeshwari gets irritated and says that she likewise needs to be there. Amrita causes her to comprehend that Rajeev will care for her and request that Rajeshwari accept rest as she actually needs it. Rajeev stays with Amrita while Rajeshwari and others leaves the lodge. In the interim, Gauri and Gopal meets their companions and neighbors.

They compliments Gauri for the child and shows their fervor, while Gauri gets irritated and overlooks them. Gopal begins hitting the dance floor with his companions and everybody partakes in the festival. Gopal’s mom lets Gauri know that Gopal can’t live in that frame of mind, as he partakes in the organization of his companions.

She broadcasts that they have lived respectively and really focuses on each other. She additionally tells that sumptuous life will not be reasonable for themselves and get some information about her insanity to become like Amrita. She ask her not to think ambitiously, while Gauri heads inside and sees the image of Amrita.

Ahead, Rakshita gets eager to invite Rajeev. She designs a night out for them and gets ready to shock him. She gets cheerful pondering Amrita and Rajeev’s partition, while the last option leaves Amrita’s lodge without illuminating her and meets Rakhita. She shows her anxiety towards him and says that she likewise thinks often about Amrita.

Rakshita request that Rajeev give a chance to Amrita to change with the stunning news. She draws near to Rajeev, while he falls into situation. She gets private with him, while Gauri gets stressed upon not tracking down Rajeev close to her. Though, Alok assaults Gopal’s home while they masks themselves to get saved from the police.

Further, Alok gets baffled as he couldn’t ready to get Gauri and Gopal. Though, Rajeev gets into unrest and continues to gaze at Rakshita and his image. She welcomes him and back embraces him, while he reviews Amrita. In the interim, Rajeshwari calls Amrita getting some information about Rajeev, while she makes up obviously false to save him and afterward messages him getting some information about his whereabouts. She then chooses to visit Rakshita till Rajeev comes there.

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