Sanjog Written update 30th August 2022:

Sanjog Written update 30th August 2022 on

Episode begins with the hooligans of Pradhaan searching for Gopal and Gauri. They thumps inside the specialist’s room and questions her about them, while she lies expressing that she haven’t seen Gauri or her loved ones. The hooligans disappears from that point, while the specialist guarantees Gopal that all is great.

They emerges from their hideaway and shows their appreciation towards the specialist. Gopal guarantees to give a valuable gift to her, while the specialist grins. He spoils Gauri, though the specialist goes through her reports and uncovers that she is pregnant. Gopal gets cheerful yet Gauri becomes stunned hearing the news.

She flies off the handle while Gopal attempts to encourage her. She declares that she simply need to become as rich as Amrita and states that pregnancy will turn into an obstacle for her. Gopal attempts to persuade Gauri and feeds her food. She additionally tells that they will disappear from their place and will remain where they can get what they takes. Gopal’s mom chastens Gauri for her way of behaving and get some information about becoming like Amrita. She request that she center around their life and handle her children.

Rakshita comes to meet Amrita, while Rajeev gets her far from his loved ones. He attempts to stop her however she says that she additionally focuses on Amrita. In the interim, Rajeshwari comes there and defies her that who educated her concerning Amrita.

She gets baffled, while Rajeev saves her by coming up with a rationalization that he illuminated her about Amrita’s state. Kotharis alongside Alok and Rakshita goes inside the lodge to care for Amrita. She awakens and advances her hand towards Rajeev, while Rakshita unexpectedly holds it before him. She shows her phony worry towards Amrita, while Alok request that the last option show up with him.

He says that she will remain with him, while Amrita reviews the glimmers of Rajeev’s choice. Amrita gets mournful eyes recalling Rajeev’s choice and consents to oblige Alok. In the mean time, Rajeshwari request that Rajeev send Rakshita away from that point expressing that it’s their family matter. In the interim, Ranjini likewise insults Rakshita and request that she disappear from that point. The last option turns towards Rajeev and passes a grin to him prior to leaving from that point.

Ahead, Amrita attempts to get up yet the specialist stops her and request to remain on the bed. He expresses that there is one great and one awful news for her, while Rajeshwari request that he tell the uplifting news. He uncovers that Amrita is pregnant and compliments her. Everybody gets shocked and celebrates the bliss. Alok announces that he will keep Amrita with him, however Rajeshwari stops him and says that they will keep her.

Amrita embraces Rajeev and says that their kid is coming. He holds her and afterward sees Rakshita’s message that she is glad to accompany him. He gets into issue and leaves the lodge. Rajeshwari sits alongside Alok and persuades him to allow Amrita to remain with them. The specialist lets the terrible news know that pregnancy will be muddled and request to care for Amrita. Rajeshwari guarantees him and celebrates the insight about their main beneficiary.

Further, Rajeshwari reminds Rajeev about how he battled with them to wed Amrita and guidance him to accommodate with her. He gestures grasping her anxiety, while Alok gets inside Amrita’s lodge and inquire as to whether she is blissful? She takes a gander at him with weepy eyes, while he says that he can figure out her torment. He declares that Rajeev’s assertion about separate was enormous and guarantees that he will continuously uphold her in anything choice she will take.

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