Sanjog Written update 26th August 2022:

Sanjog Written update 26th August 2022 on

Rajeshwari chastening Amrita for concealing her IVF report from them. She broadcasts that the last option will not have the option to give successor to their family and states that Amrita have squandered Rajeev’s life. She attempts to cause Rajeshwari to grasp about her point of view for concealing the report, yet the last option doesn’t allow her an opportunity to make sense of.

In the mean time, Ranjini partakes in the show and grins taking a gander at Amrita being vulnerable. Around then a woman from the shelter comes there and shows her appreciation towards Amrita for choosing to embrace the kid. Rajeshwari and Ranjini gets stunned and the last option questions the woman about it.

Here, the woman from the shelter gets entranced seeing the place of Amrita and says that it is truly luxurious. She announces that the kid will remain content with them and will not have any issue in living there. She likewise gives a gift to Amrita for her courageous step, while Rajeshwari faces the woman and get some information about the matter. She answers that Amrita chose to embrace the youngster from their halfway house as she couldn’t consider.

Rajeshwari gets stunned and attacks Amrita for concealing about her choice. Amrita sends the woman away from that point expressing that she will converse with her a while later. Rajeshwari gets angry at Amrita and looses her attitude. She begins hacking while Ranjini and Amrita gets worried for herself and makes her sit.

Ranjini gives an admonition to Amrita that in the event that anything happens to her mom as a result of her, she won’t leave her. Amrita attempts to quiet Rajeshwari, while she reprimands her and pronounces that she won’t ever endorse it. In the interim, Rakshita powers Rajeev to cut off his friendship with Amrita and request that he do according to her adage.

She expresses that she will not have the option to live without him, while he request that she have trust upon him. Rajeev guarantees Rakshita that he will tell about their relationship, as we as dispose of Amrita. He goes inside the house, entire Rajeshwari shows him the IVF report as well as educate him regarding the reception thought of Amrita. He reproves the last option for taking choice without talking with him or Rajeshwari.

Ahead, Amrita request that Rajeev trust her and says that she was going to ask them. She announces that she can never take any choice without their understanding, while Rakshita grins reviewing how she paid off the woman of the halfway house for going inside Amrita’s home to uncover about reception matter. In the mean time, she continues to attempt to call Rajeev and he picks her call, while she hears all their discussion.

Gauri and Gopal gives every one of the ransacked things to Pradhaan, while he begins checking the stuffs out. He grumbles that they brought less stuff, while Gauri gets incensed by him. She sees him giving the offer to his sibling first and states that she additionally needs it soon, he gets irate at her while the two gets into a contention. Gopal attempts to stop her however gets fizzled.

Further, Gauri beats Pradhaan, while Gopal and their family takes off from that point alongside Gauri. The thugs of Pradhaan attempts to get them. Though, Alok attempts to take represent Amrita yet Rajeev stops him and pronounces that he is baffled at Amrita. He declares that their relationship is dead since quite a while because of Amrita’s frenzy towards pregnancy. He announces that he needs to dispose of her, while everybody gets stunned.

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