Sanjog Written update 1st September 2022:

Sanjog Written update 1st September 2022 on

Episode begins with Rajeev getting into predicament. He reviews Rakshita’s interest to educate Amrita concerning their undertaking, he additionally recollects the admonition provided by her to in the middle between Amrita or her.

He then, at that point, gets glimmers of his guarantee to Rajeshwari, where she requested that he accommodate with Amrita, overlooking the separation matter. He takes a ultimate choice to leave Rakshita, while the last option back embraces him and communicates her affection for him. She says that she needs to go through her entire time on earth with him, while he gets her front of him and gives her a limitless ticket to ride.

Rakshita gets befuddled and get some information about it, to which he answers that it’s a limitless ticket to ride from his side and she can purchase anything from it. He demands her to begin a fresh start of her life, while she gets stunned. She reproaches him and shouts that he is a liar. She reminds about his guarantee to her, while he tells that he don’t have guts to leave Amrita.

Rakshita lashes out at Rajeev and continues to yell at him, though Amrita ponders visiting Rakshita to educate her regarding the uplifting news. She goes to her home, while Rakshita opens it, the last option gets stunned seeing Amrita though she uncovers about her pregnancy. Rakshita kicks dumbstruck and off crying.

Amrita gets worried for herself and get some information about the matter, while she lies that she is glad for Amrita. She again begins crying while the last option gets stressed and request that she come clean. Rakshita takes Amrita inside her room to uncover her about Rajeev and her undertaking.

She goes into the room yet gets stunned seeing that her photos with Rajeev was missing. Rakshita attempts to track down Rajeev yet couldn’t ready to see him. While, he reviews how he saw Amrita and eliminated every one of the confirmations about his undertaking. In the interim Rakshita gives the swinging to Amrita, which was given by Rajeev and lies that it was for her.

Ahead, Gopal prepares to loot though Gauri says that he couldn’t ready to do it single-handedly. She chooses to oblige him and the two gets heartfelt with each other, though Gopal’s mom request that they have some disgrace and helps Gauri about the advance notice to remember specialist. She request that the last option watch out.

Alok gets the representations of Gopal and Gauri from individuals they have burglarized. He decides to track down about them, while Rakshita comes to the police headquarters. While, Amrita gets inside Rajeev’s vehicle and he misleads her inquiries. He feels that Rakshita consented to continue on in the wake of tracking down about Amrita’s pregnancy. In the mean time, Rajeshwari invites Amrita inside the house amazingly and showers love towards her.

Further, Alok sees Rakshita and get some information about the matter while she answers that she needs to record an objection. In the mean time, Rajeev tears his and Rakshita’s photographs as well as erased every one of their discussions. He then consumes every one of the evidences about his issue, while Amrita sees the smoke and gets worried for Rajeev.

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