Sanjog Written Update 14th October 2022:

Sanjog Written Update 14th October 2022 on

Episode begins with Ranjini attacking Amrita and faults her for the injury of Rajeshwari. Rajeev likewise requests for evidences from Amrita on her guard, while the last option gets stressed and takes a gander at Gauri, who grins towards Amrita and wants her to enjoy all that life has to offer to defend herself.

She gets into disturbance and afterward gets a thought. She takes a gander at Ranjini and discusses salt while others gets confounded and reprimands her. Rakshita additionally partakes in the show and thinks that soon Amrita will get tossed out of the house and afterward Rajeev will turn into hers.

Here, Amrita takes Ranjini to the kitchen while Gauri and Rakshita follows them. Amrita requests an opportunity and shows 3 compartments to Ranjini. The last option request that she pick salt, while Ranjini gets confounded and labels Amrita to be insane. She questions that what salt have to do with Rajeshwari’s state? To which Amrita demands her to simply do what she is talking about.

Ranjini picks a compartment and afterward they returns inside Rajeshwari’s room. Amrita shows the case and says that Ranjini picked this one reasoning it to be the salt. She request that the last option taste it, while she goes towards Gauri and makes her open her mouth. She puts it inside her mouth, while Gauri discards it expressing that it’s baking powder and not salt.

Amrita grins and advise everybody that she had give 3 comparable compartments to Ranjini and requested that she pick salt from it, yet the last option erroneously picked baking powder. Ranjini gets befuddled and ask that what Amrita is attempting to demonstrate? To which the last option shows two comparative jugs to everybody and tells that one have greese and other have cleaning specialist in it.

Amrita goes towards Gauri and states that the last option got in the middle of between two containers thus erroneously cleaned the room with greese. Gauri gets dazzled with Amrita, while Rajeev comes before her. He reviews the agreement and recollects that he can separate from her just when she will do anything off-base in regards to Tara.

Ahead, Rajeev shows his trust upon Amrita and gives an admonition to Gauri prior to leaving from that point. While, Amrita cautions Gauri in private however the last option request that she cause Rajeshwari to figure out her cutoff. In the interim, Ranjini impels Tara that soon Chanda will grab everything from her while the last option provokes her and pieces Chanda.

Amrita and Gauri gets stunned seeing it and the last option admonishes her girl. Tara gets out of hand with Amrita and disappears while the last option attempts to persuade her. In the mean time, Rakshita flies off the handle with Rajeev for supporting Amrita, while he causes her to comprehend about the agreement and states that soon he will dispose of Amrita and will wed Rakshita.

Further, Chanda cries as she feels torment while Amrita was going to support ehr however Ranjini hinders and sends her to Rajeshwari’s room. Rajeev chooses to delegate physiotherapist for his mom however the last option denies. Gauri tells that she have somebody who can give great back rub to her, while Rajeshwari consents to it. In the interim, Amrita sees Chanda playing with Gopal and gets dubious as she calls him as her dad.

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