Sanjog 18th November 2022 Written Update:

Sanjog 18th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Gopal informing Chanda concerning their choice. He causes her to comprehend that she need to live with Kotharis from here on out, while the last option gets stunned. She denies to leave her family and demands Gopal not to send her away.

The last option gets close to home seeing his girl yet keeps major areas of strength for himself the better fate of Chanda. She surges towards Gauri and demands her not to let her go, to which the last option says that it’s essential as they will get benefit just when Chanda will go stay with Kotharis.

Amrita likewise comes there and feels terrible seeing Chanda’s state. The last option unexpectedly brings Gauri’s saree and starts sewing it. Gopal alongside Amrita and her kin gets befuddled seeing it and demands the last option to stop. They questions Chanda that what is she doing and has a stressed outlook on her. The needle punctures her finger while she jumps in torment.

Amrita gets mournful eyes seeing Chanda while the last option surges towards Gauri and states that she has sewed the saree which got torned by her. She demand her mom to let her visit with them and not to send her away. She expresses that she will not have the option to remain without them, while Gauri causes her to comprehend that she need to call Amrita and Rajeev as her folks.

Gopal sympathizes with awful and conceals his aggravation. She feels troublesome in sending Chanda away from himself. Gauri sees Amrita remaining there and figures that the last option can reclaim her commitment assuming she gets close to home seeing Chanda. She censures the last option and request that she quit crying. She request that she go to Amrita and attacks her.

Amrita holds Chanda and guarantees Gopal that he will constantly be her dad. She scowls at Gauri for being a terrible mother and afterward takes Chanda towards the corridor. Rajeshwari blends with her and request Amrita to delete every one of the recollections from Chanda’s previous existence. She likewise request that she prepare Chanda for the puja. She converses with Chanda and says that she seems to be her.

Ahead, Tara gets incensed at Chanda while Rajeshwari request that she share her room with the last option. She says that the two of them will be like sisters yet Tara denies to acknowledge it. She pushes Chanda down and the last option falls on the floor. Rajeshwari censures Tara, while Chanda stands firm for herself against Tara. The last option gets stunned by Chanda’s way of behaving while Rajeev takes her higher up. Amrita attempts to cause Tara to see however the last option attacks her.

Tara and Chanda dozes on a similar bed while Amrita comes there camouflaged as small mouse. She moves before them and engages them. They partakes in the exhibition and afterward falls asleep. Though, Rakshita reproves Rajeev for not being worried for her while he says that she will not figure out his concern. Gauri hears their discussion covertly.

Further, Amrita prepares Chanda while Tara gets desirous of their bond. Gauri partakes in the rich office and orders the worker her #1 food varieties. In the interim, she goes to Tara and attempts to converse with her while the last option stands up to her about reality. She inquire as to whether Amrita has given her cash to grab her while Gauri deceives her and answers decidedly. Around then Amrita comes there and Tara apologizes to her. She then, at that point, takes a gander at Gauri and grins, while the last option figures out her arrangement.

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