Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd July 2022 Written Update:

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd July 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Dadi takes care of Shreya. Urmila requests that Shreya not stress. Gehna lets them know that Agastya requested that she work in his law office as accomplice yet she isn’t understanding that she ought to acknowledge the deal or not. Shreya tells her that the last option is fortunate to get this open door so she ought to acknowledge it.

Urmila gets some information about what’s going on in the house. She adds that Surya might begin missing Gehna in the event that she began working. Dadi says that Surya will get desirous too seeing Gehna working with Agastya and snickers. Dada comes there and lets Gehna know that she can help many individuals as attorney.

Also, he don’t believe that Surya will dislike her working with Agastya. Riddhima hears their discussion and discovers that Gehna going to work with Agastya and she illuminates about it to Suhani and Sakuni. Suhani says that it’s an uplifting news on the grounds that Gehna will not have the option to invest energy with Surya.

Following day, Agastya contemplates whether Gehna rejects his deal. He sits tight for Gehna however he gets stunned seeing Riddhima. He asks her that what is she doing there. She is sorry to him for misconception him as Surya. He tells her that he has work to do. She lets him know that she discovered that he is opening new law office. She inquires as to whether he can recruit her. He picks Gehna’s call and he gets cheerful discovering that she consented to work in his law office.

He says that everything happening as per his desire. He lets Riddhima know that he isn’t recruiting any other person until further notice. She gestures at him and goes out. She calls Surya and inquires as to whether he has any opening for her since she is getting exhausted by remaining in the house. Surya requests that she come to office.

Afterward, Surya asks Suhani that for what valid reason she didn’t come to have food. He keeps the food plate on the table. He gets some information about the garments which she has. She lets him know that he wore this garments when first time she saw him. What’s more, she can hardly imagine how Urmila left him. She says that she battled against everybody to turn into Surya’s mom. She adds that she feels like Surya will go nowhere near her and she don’t realize that how might she live without him. He vows to her that he won’t leave her and he takes care of her.

Gehna ensures that Sarika finds out about Arjun’s capital punishment and Suhani and Sikandar are answerable for it. Sarika cries discovering that. She says that she could hardly imagine how her mom and her sibling did this with her. She asks Sikandar that for what reason Arjun has not delivered at this point. She informs Suhani that the last option simply minds concerning Sikandar.

She adds that Arjun going to kick the bucket as a result of them. Sikandar tells her that everything is lie. Sarika lets him know that he attempted to kill Surya excessively before. He is going to slap her however Gehna stops him saying that she won’t allow any off-base to occur with any lady.

Precap – Gehna inquires as to whether he at any point figured Urmila should have motivation to leave him. Surya tells her that he despises Urmila and he can’t adore her. He adds that Gehna can attempt the amount she needs however he won’t join her side.

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