Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th June 2022 Written Update:

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th June 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Gehna finds Jeweler’s meeting card in Sikandar’s lodge. Somebody contacts her shoulder. She pivots and embraces seeing Surya there. He asks her that what is she doing there. She lets him know that she came to find evidence to effectively defend herself. She shows Jeweler’s meeting card to him. She says that that day Sikandar met somebody named Ali baba and he should be associated with Sikandar’s arrangement. He tells her that they can find copy key of storage there and they look through it.

They hears Sikandar’s voice and conceals in the cabinet. Sikandar enters his lodge and contemplates whether anybody came there. He calls his staff and inquires as to whether anybody came into his lodge. She illuminates him about writer. He shouts at her. He sees that the cabinet is opened. He locks it and discovers that industrial facility association pioneer anticipating a strike and leaves from that point.

Then again, Riddhima daydreams Agastya. Suhani requests that she prevail upon Surya. She illuminates her that Surya will eat with her this evening and leaves from that point.

Gehna takes Surya’s telephone. In the sanctuary, Sakuni lets Shreya know that she is feeling awful for Gehna. Gehna calls Shreya and tells her that she is secured in the pantry of Sikandar’s lodge. Sakuni inquires as to whether it was Gehna’s call. Shreya deceives her that, that is her mom’s call. She advises her to get some information about her marriage.

Sakuni goes to Priest. Shreya leaves from that point and arrives at the workplace. She finds the pantry key in the cabinet and opens the pantry. Gehna secures the cabinet and keeps the critical in the cabinet. Shreya sees Sikandar coming towards his lodge and she illuminates about it to Gehna and Surya. Surya and Gehna conceals in the washroom. Sikandar enters his lodge and tracks down Shreya there. He asks her that what is she doing there.

Suhani asks Sakuni that how could the last option let Shreya be. She believes that imagine a scenario in which Shreya went to help Gehna. She calls Sikandar and enlightens him concerning Shreya. He tells her that Shreya remaining before her and disengages the call. He asks Shreya that what is her arrangement. She lets him know that she came to discuss Kartick. She requests that he bring Kartick from life experience school.

He cautions her to not come to his office once more. She leaves from that point. He cleans up and a vital drops from his pocket. He takes the key and keeps it in the storage. That’s what gehna and Surya sees. They opens the storage and gets the key once Sikandar leaves from that point. Gehna lets Surya know that she found verification to defend herself. Surya tells her that it’s Sikandar’s last day in Seth chateau.

Suhani requests that Riddhima lie to Surya that today is the last’s birthday. Riddhima embraces Surya from rear and expresses gratitude toward him for aiding her yesterday. He pivots and asks her that who is she. Suhani asks him that what is Gehna doing there. That’s what riddhima imagines in the event that he is Surya, whom she met yesterday. Surya shows the way to Suhani. Gehna says that it’s copy key of storage which they tracked down in Sikandar’s lodge. Surya tells Suhani that Sikandar needs to take off from the house.

Precap – Gehna lets Surya know that Urmila needs him. She adds that he can’t grab Urmila’s freedoms from her. Surya tells her that Suhani is his mom and he can’t give Suhani’s place to another person. Suhani hears their discussion.

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