Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th June 2022 Written Update:

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th June 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Surya says thanks to Agastya. Agastya lets him know that Gehna is his companion and he can do atleast this much for her. He gets some information about Gehna in light of the fact that he is with her. Surya leaves from that point. Gehna awakens and look through Surya. She inquires as to whether Surya came. Agastya tells her that she should have envisioned about Surya.

She lets him know that she felt Surya’s presence and it was not her fantasy. He tells her that Surya didn’t come. She says that Surya is here just and look through him in the house. He requests that she quiet down. She asks him that where is Surya and gets terrified. He gives water to her and requests that she not panick. She lets him know that she is feeling like somebody isolating her from Surya.

In the interim, Sakuni and Riddhima arrives at Seth house. Agastya lets Gehna know that in no way like that will occur. Gehna lets him know that she is terrified. She adds that she would rather not lose Surya.

Suhani gets blissful seeing Sakuni and embraces her. Sakuni acquaints Riddhima with Suhani. Sikandar welcomes Sakuni. She praises his body. She requests that he track down a fit person for her. Suhani tells her that she will track down a person for her subsequent to taking care of Surya. Sakuni requests that she not stress. Suhani advises Sarika to show visitor space to Riddhima. Sarika takes Riddhima to visitor room. Sakuni requests that Suhani track down a rich person for her.

Suhani gets some information about Riddhima and on the off chance that Riddhima can take care of their business. Sakuni tells her that Riddhima is her old driver’s little girl and she is poor however taught and can go about their business. Suhani tells her that she simply believes Riddhima should bait Surya. Sakuni sees Urmila and chooses to show a thing or two to her and moves towards her. Suhani stops her and illuminates her about parcel.

Gehna washes the utensils. She advises Agastya that she need to converse with Surya. She adds that she is certain that something wrong occurring. Agastya sees Surya’s wallet and thinks that on the off chance that Gehna saw this, she will get to realize that Surya came.

In the mean time, Surya gets doused in the downpour and beverages liquor. Gehna calls Surya yet no reaction from opposite side. She ponders that why Surya isn’t picking the call. Agastya tells her that Surya probably dozed. He conceals Surya’s wallet. He requests that Gehna rest and leaves from that point.

Riddhima eats a great deal. Suhani and Sakuni enlightens Riddhima concerning Surya. Riddhima gets some information about anything. They hears vehicle horn sound and switch off the lights. Agastya goes into the house. Riddhima embraces him saying that she fears haziness.

She requests that he take her to her room. She deceives him that she hyper-extended her leg. He picks her and takes her to her room. She feels that attracting Surya was simple. He keeps Surya’s wallet on the table and leaves from that point. Suhani and Sakuni comes to Riddhima’s room. Suhani sees Surya’s wallet and advises Riddhima to proceed with her work.

Gehna deceives Sikandar’s staff that she came to get Sikandar’s meeting. She discovers that Sikandar isn’t in his lodge. She slips into Sikandar’s lodge and finds gem specialist’s meeting card there. Sikandar’s staff illuminates Sikandar that writer came to get his meeting. Somebody holds Gehna’s shoulder.

Precap – Gehna lets Surya know that Urmila brought forth him and she wants his affection. She argues him to acknowledge Urmila. Surya tells her that he has mother as of now and he can’t give that spot to another person. Suhani hears their discussion and grins.

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