Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th June 2022 Written Update:

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th June 2022 Written Update on

Suhani requests storage keys from Kaddu bua. Urmila tells her there is compelling reason need to give keys to Suhani.

Discouraged Kaddu bua says she failed to remember the worth of her a visitor in this house and returns keys to Suhani. Suhani replaces key chain with her old one and fixes keys in her midsection sneering. Sikandar says now the genuine equity occurred. Gehna gets into a taxi. Taxi driver asks where she needs to go.

She says any place destiny takes her. Agastya stops his vehicle before the taxi, strolls to the Gehna, and demands her to escape the vehicle and go with him to his home.

Gehna says she would rather not be a weight on him. He says she is his companion and not a weight and illuminates that Surya called him and requested that he take her to his home. She concurs and gets into his vehicle and sits unfortunately.

Kaddu chooses to leave Seth chateau. Raju and Surya demand her not to go. Kaddu says she maintains that them should regard her eternity and thus going out. She leaves while Surya keeps arguing her.

Suhani celebrates with Sikandar and Sarika and says Kaddu and Gehna were thinking they are brilliant, however she oversmarted them. Sikandar flies off the handle on Surya’s mischief and says he will rebuff Surya.

Suhani requests that he unwind until they get Urmila out of the house and snatch her portion of property. Surya goes into the room and snatching Sikandar’s collar requests him to come clean. Sikandar likewise holds his collar. Surya attempts to punch Sikandar. Suhani stops him and inquires as to whether he will beat his sibling for Gehna.

Surya says Sikandar caught Gehna and drove Kaddu away from the house. Suhani says one who mixed up got rebuffed. Surya says he will uncover reality and asks suhani what was the storage key dab doing in Suhani’s sack. Sarika gets strained figuring Suhani will be uncovered at this point. Suhani says she doesn’t have any idea how it came in her pack.

Sikandar says Gehna established in Suhani’s pack to trap her. Sarika likewise faults Gehna and inquires as to for what reason is he worried about Gehna when he needs to separate from her. Surya says he hasn’t separated from her yet. Suhani attempts to coerce him inwardly. Surya says Gehna is as critical to him as Suhani and difficulties to explore the matter and demonstrate Gehna guiltless. Suhani and her group get strained hearing that.

Agastya takes Gehna to his home and apprehensively conceals things. She asks what is he stowing away. He apprehensively expresses out loud whatever might an unhitched male at any point stow away. Gehna says he hasn’t changed since his school days, she will fix his home.

Agastya says obviously when she has come. Gehna asks what does he mean. He says he is ravenous and requests that she plan something for him. Surya calls him. Gehna energetically inquires as to whether it’s Surya’s call. Agastya lies its his partner’s, goes aside, and lets Surya know that he really want not stress as Gehna is fine. Surya expresses gratitude toward him and inquires as to whether he can meet Gehna. Agaystya says obviously he can meet his better half. Surya says thanks to him once more.

Agastya then appreciates food arranged by Gehna and requests that she partake in the food. Gehna say she can’t have food when Surya is ravenous, says she needs to substantiate herself honest and get back to Rajesh, Dimpy, Urmila, and Surya.

Agastya says she can begin another life on the off chance that she needs to. Gehna expresses not without Surya. Agastya attempts to incite her against Surya saying he didn’t go to bat for her. Gehna says its not difficult to battle with the world yet not with the family, particularly a mother. She says Surya crossed his breaking point to help her and she can’t fail to remember it. She demands him assuming that he will help her. He guarantees her that he will help her till her final gasp.

Suhani gets strained reviewing Surya’s test. She calls her associate and asks what amount of time will it require. Sikandar inquires as to whether somebody is coming. Suhani says her sister and Gehna’s sautan. Agastya takes a gander at Gehna while she is sleeping.

Surya visits him. Agastya requests that he stroll in leisurely as Gehna is dozing. Surya says he will watch Gehna once and afterward will leave. Agastya concurs. Surya sits close to Gehan. Gehna holds his hand in rest and demands him not to leave her. Surya cries genuinely and communicates his adoration for her.

Precap : Gehna masked as an interviewee enters Sikandar’s office and looks for piece of information. She finds Sahukar’s card and thinks it implies. Somebody keeps a hand on her shoulder.

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