Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th June 2022 Written Update:

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th June 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Suhani lets Gehna know that she will toss her out of the house once the time is finished. Urmila cautions her to not express a word against Gehna. She says that imagine a scenario in which Surya found confirmation to defend Gehna. Suhani tells her that Surya won’t track down anything. Sikandar requests that Gehna begin pressing.

Gehna goes to her room. She reviews the minutes she imparted to Surya and cries. She daydreams Surya. She packs her things and comes down the stairs with her baggage. She requests that God safeguard her family in her nonappearance. Suhani insults her for not going out still. Kaddu bua reproves her for talking like that with Gehna.

Gehna tells her that she bombed so it doesn’t make any difference that what others says. She embraces Dadi. Dadi requests that she not take off from on the grounds that this house and they needs her. Urmila apologizes to Gehna. She says that Gehna going out due to her. Gehna tells her that dislike that. Also, she is happy that Urmila is in this house to deal with Surya and embraces her. Sikandar lets Sarika know that show getting carried away.

Gehna asks Kaddu bua that on the off chance that she don’t merit her endowments now. Kaddu bua apologizes to her. Gehna requests that she not apologize. She says that she loves to hear her admonishing. Kaddu bua says that she neglected to give equity to her. She adds that her heart realizes that Gehna is guiltless still she could do nothing for her.

Gehna requests that she not feel regretful in light of the fact that nothing was in her grasp. She says that she is happy that her family trust her despite the fact that she have no verification to effectively defend herself. Kaddu bua favors her.

Gehna ponders that where is Surya now. Surya comes there and lets Gehna know that she is demonstrated honest so she want not to take off from the house and it ends up being her creative mind. Surya and Dada goes into the house. Gehna takes Dada’s gifts.

Dada lets her that it’s their misfortune know that she needs to take off from the house like this. Gehna requests that Surya grin one final time. Surya requests that she excuse him for neglecting to defend herself. He says that she upheld him in every case except he neglected to help her. He is sorry to her.

Surya takes Gehna before God’s object of worship. He makes a vow to defend Gehna and track down reality. Gehna lets him know that she trust him. She argues him to acknowledge Urmila as his mom and she need nothing else. He leaves her hand. She goes out.

Suhani asks Kaddu bua that they kept her guidelines yet what occurred. She says that burglary never happened when storage key was with her. She adds that mindful individual ought to keep the storage key. Kaddu bua says that she neglected to demonstrate her obligation. She gives the storage key to Suhani.

Precap – Gehna enters the workplace lying that she has a meeting there. She finds gem dealer’s meeting card in the lodge. What’s more, somebody enters the lodge.

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