Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 15th march 2022 Written Update:

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 15th march 2022 Written Update: Episode starts with Gehna asks Jamuna that for what reason the last option appears to be strained. Jamuna tells her that Praful went to bank it’s been 3 hours still he didn’t return. She says that she was unable to get in touch with him as well. Surya brings the harmed Praful. Gehna asks Praful that what befell him.

He uncovers that somebody attempted to take his cash. Yet, he is happy that Surya came there at end second and safeguard cash. She lets him know that Surya should be behind this assault in any case the way in which Surya arrived at there. She tells Surya that first he disregarded her and afterward caused her to feel envious by playing with a young lady then this happens. Be that as it may, his shameful moves won’t chip away at her and requests that he leave.

Police assessor comes there and advises Praful to visit police headquarters to give report about burglary assault. He expresses gratitude toward Surya for assisting them with tracking down that hoodlum. Surya requests that he show his character card since not many thinks that everything is dramatization. Gehna sees the Police examiner’s character card. Police leaves from that point.

Praful apologizes to Surya in the interest of Gehna. Surya advises Gehna that he need to procure her adoration so he will not do underhanded moves. He says that he disregarded her since he would have rather not harmed her however she can’t get him. So he will avoid her and leaves from that point. After some time, Surya expresses gratitude toward Arjun for arranging theft assault on Praful.

Gehna gives medications to Praful. He inquires as to whether she was sorry to Surya. She lets him know that Surya isn’t picking the call. He proposes her to approach the landline number. So she calls it. Dadi tells Gehna that Surya leaving for America. Suhani argues Gehna to acknowledge Surya to stop him.

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Surya hangs tight for Gehna in his room. Suhani lets him know that she don’t feel that Gehna will come so they needs to change the arrangement. He tells her that Gehna needs to come. Afterward, Sarika feels terrible that Surya leaving. Surya tells her that he needs to leave.

Gehna comes there and asks him that won’t he stay. He tells her that he have no excuse to remain. She lets him know that he is breaking his guarantees. He tells her that he is leaving India however he won’t quit adoring her. He says that she is crying a result of him and he can’t see her miserable. She lets him know that he bothers her with his conduct still she succumbed to him. She goes on her bows and lets him know that she cherishes him. He makes her stand and she embraces him. Jamuna favors Gehna. Suhani embraces Gehna.

Following day, Praful and others takes care of the adornments. Gehna gets stunned seeing parcel of gems. Jamuna requests that she pick whatever the last option needs. Gehna says that she is truly fortunate. Kanak concurs with her and says that that is the reason mother by marriage burning through this much cash for her girl in regulation’s marriage. They passes on to take Guruji’s endowments. Somebody watches them.

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