Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 14th march 2022 Written Update:

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 14th march 2022 Written Update: Episode starts with Surya meets Sikandar in the prison. He illuminates him that he visited Gehna’s home to ask her hand for marriage. Sikandar tauntingly requests that Surya become a lucky man. He tells Surya to not directly once more. Surya lets him know that he will get hitched to Gehna to get back at her. Then again, Gehna reviews Surya’s words.

Surya tells Sikandar that Gehna mixed up by putting him behind the bars so she has the right to get discipline. He adds that he picks him over Gehna. Furthermore, he is with him in this fight and embraces him. Sikandar tells Surya that he accepts that off-base can’t occur with him on the off chance that the last option is with him. Surya says that Gehna have seen his affection however presently she will observer his disdain. He adds that this marriage will demolish Gehna without a doubt.

Gehna cooks to commend her first achievement. Jamuna requests that she sit and have food. Gehna shares with her that she cooked for them after so lengthy. Gehna overlooks Surya’s call. Jamuna requests that she pick the call. Gehna picks the call and reprimands Surya for upsetting her. He tells her that he was unable to observe Dadi’s medication that is the reason he called her. She lets him know that it should be in the cabinet. He expresses gratitude toward her and disengages the call. He lets himself know that compassion card chips away at young ladies generally. He says that he will make Gehna dance on his tune. Suhani lets him know that she would rather not hear Gehna’s name in the home. He requests that she become accustomed to it.

Gehna lets Jamuna know that she needs to take rest since tomorrow she has photoshoot. Kanak advises her that the last option is a Lawyer. Gehna says that photography is her obsession so she can’t leave that. Also, she turned into a Lawyer as a result of another person.

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Suhani asks Surya that what is he wanting to do. He tells her that he will wed Gehna. She says that he is playing great and embraces him. He requests that she begin getting ready for the marriage. She tells him that Gehna will not concur for this marriage without any problem. He tells her that Gehna and her family needs to pay for sending Sikandar to the prison.

Following day, Gehna contacts her work area. She switch on the fan which upsets Surya’s work. They sees one another. She moves towards him ( Title melody plays behind the scenes ). She tells him that she switch on the fan and apologizes to him. He stays quiet and moves from that point. He helps a model during photoshoot. Gehna feels jealous seeing that. He helps Gehna in her photoshoot. Afterward, Gehna sits tight for Surya so leave with him. However, Surya leaves from that point with model. He believes that this recipe works generally.

Precap – Gehna inconveniences Surya and the last option shouts at her.

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