Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 19th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Praful and Jamuna enters Gehna’s room. Gehna cries hugging Jamuna. She tells her that she want to make everything fine but it’s not happening. Jamuna tells her that the latter should forget the past and move on in her life and asks her to marry someone else. Gehna asks her that what is the latter saying and second marriage won’t change anything.

She tells Praful that the latter feeling pity seeing her condition that’s why he took this decision but she don’t need any guy. He tells her that it’s their responsibility to take care of her and it was not easy for them to take this decision. She tells him that she won’t leave this house and her first and last love is Anant and he will return soon. Jamuna tells her that Anant is her son and she feels that he is no more. Gehna refuses to marry someone else.

Next day, Hema asks Kanak that why the latter seems excited today. Kanak tells her that she is sure that Gehna won’t go against Praful and Jamuna so soon Gehna will leave the house. Hema tells her that Gehna won’t agree for second marriage. Meanwhile, Pankaj and Chetan tries to convince Gehna for second marriage.

Other side, Sia tells Siddharth that she is not understanding that from where Gehna’s second marriage topic came suddenly. Sia’s brother asks Siddharth that don’t he feels restless. Siddharth tells them that he is sure that Gehna won’t agree for second marriage. Krishna tells Gehna that she thinks that Siddharth is Anant and if it continued then she won’t be able to move on in her life. Tiya asks Gehna to move on in her life. Gehna asks them to stop it.

In the park, Gehna falls from swing. Siddharth treats her hand and congratulates her for her second marriage. He tells her that she should marry someone else because Anant won’t return. She asks him that is he really happy with her marriage. Few ladies sees them together and badmouths about Gehna and leaves from there. Sia comes there and takes Siddharth from there.

Gehna enters the house and Tiya gets worried seeing the former’s hand injury. Those ladies who saw Gehna with Siddharth in the park comes there. They complaints about Gehna to Desai’s and leaves from there. Kanak blames Gehna for creating problems for Jamuna and Praful. Jamuna tells Gehna that she don’t care about society but she don’t want to regret later thinking that she did nothing for the latter. Praful tells Gehna that they just wants her happiness. Jamuna asks her to meet the guy atleast. Gehna agrees to meet the guy and thinks that she won’t agree to marry him.

Later, Jamuna tells Gehna to show house to Chirag. Chirag tells Gehna that he knows everything about her and he don’t care about her past. She tries to beat him and throws things at him. He escapes from there and tells his mother that he is ready to marry Gehna. Siddharth and Gehna gets shocks hearing him.

Precap – Gehna agrees to marry Chirag which shocks Siddharth.

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