Rishton Ka Manjha 31st March 2022 Written Update:

Rishton Ka Manjha 31st March 2022 Written Update: Arjun tells Diya that I can’t see yet we will play the match. Diya thinks I realize Karan followed through with something but for what reason wouldn’t I be able to track down anything in his grasp? She observes flavor powder on Karan’s towel and thinks he cleaned his hands in the wake of tossing zest powder at Arjun. She figures I can uncover Karan however I will make him free on the court now.

The third round of the match begins, Diya begins well yet Karan-Kavita are giving them an extreme rivalry. Arjun gets some down time. Diya says we need to dominate this game, set forth your full energy. Your certainty has brought you back here however I believe that you should win today, this match is our fantasy and we will make it our own today. All individuals are hanging around for you, they all believe that you should win. Try not to dishearten them.

Arjun gestures. Love requests that he win. Arjun-Diya start the round once more. The match is a nearby one. Arjun-Diya need simply 1 highlight win. Arjun recalls all that Karan did with him. The match proceeds. Madhuri appeals to God for them. Arjun wins the last point. Arjun-Diya dominate the game. They become the bosses. Karan breakdowns subsequent to losing. All applaud Arjun. Arjun embraces Diya and grins. They go to their family who is all blissful. Madhuri favors them. The correspondents are lauding Arjun.

Arjun comes to Karan and says nicely done. Diya says they are great players yet they couldn’t win. She shows them the zest powder on the towel and says you ought to have zeroed in on playing genuinely yet you are indecent. The columnist gets some information about the towel. Diya says Karan attempted to toss flavor powder on Arjun, he needed to disrupt our game to dominate yet he proved unable. He attempted to treat with the game. The journalist asks Karan what he needs to say? Arjun says Karan needed to swindle his direction up however you lost to me today in view of your reasoning. Take a gander at yourself and what you have become. You have lost a ton by doing this. Simply save anything that remains in your life.

All fans serenade for Arjun-Diya. The journalists guarantee that Karan cheated in the game.

All relatives return home. Banno says you can’t go into the house and the orders were given by Amitabh. He comes there with aarti plate and says I will do Arjun-Diya’s aarti. Banno says Amitabh didn’t allow me to accomplish any work today. Amitabh says I will do their aarti as their dad. Diya grins at him. Amitabh does their aarti and favors them. He tells Diya that I have done many missteps however I have understood that you are behind Arjun’s triumph. We had an awful stage yet God sent you as a gift for us. He says we will commend our child’s triumph now.

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