Rishton Ka Manjha 30th March 2022 Written Update:

Rishton Ka Manjha 30th March 2022 Written Update: Karan-Kavita and Arjun-Diya are picked as the finalists. Khush indicates Arjun that he accomplished the work.

The host says the last match will begin in a little, all are amped up for it. The match begins, Khush scowls at the arbitrator. The match begins and Karan’s group is winning it. Diya gives them a difficult stretch, they are close regarding focuses. Arjun causes Karan to lose a few focuses. Khush indicates the official to not swindle.

Madhuri applauds Arjun and requests that he win. The match begins again and Arjun-Diya are winning. Karan continues to hang tight for the arbitrator however he doesn’t swindle. Karan is irate as they are not winning. Arjun-Diya win the main set. Kavita lets Karan know that this ref will do nothing. Karan comes to him and says simply do what I say. The ref says I can’t assist you in any case he with willing viral the video of Kavita paying off me.

Karan asks who undermined you? The ref glances around yet can’t observe the man as Khush has changed his outfit. Arjun comes to Karan and says win decently if possible. Karan says the match isn’t finished. Kavita quietly gives a powder to Karan. The second beginning beginnings and Karan tosses the powder in Arjun’s eyes. Diya requests that Karan show his hand, Karan shows it and he doesn’t have anything. Karan says I sat idle.

Diya requests to play the CCTV film. They play it yet can’t see Karan tossing anything at Arjun. Arjun’s eyes are consuming. Madhuri says how might you play? Arjun says I will play the match at any expense. He takes his badminton however he can’t see. Arjun attempts to play yet can’t see anything. Karan-Kavita win the second round. Diya says how might you play? Arjun says I will not stop. The last round begins.

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