Rishton Ka Manjha 29th March 2022 Written Update:

Rishton Ka Manjha 29th March 2022 Written Update: The episode begins with Arjun showing Diya’s spotless hands to Karan and the last option gets stunned. Arjun says Diya’s hands never got scorched yet it was essential for their arrangement. Niharika shows up at the arena with a grinning face. Karan questions her that she may be behind this. Kush gets shocked seeing her there. Niharika reviews how she was in a predicament and she came clean to Arjun and Diya about Karan’s preparation.

In flashback Niharika shows them the synthetic given by Karan and says she isn’t that coldblooded that she will obliterate Diya and Arjun’s lives. She can’t submit a similar misstep once more. Diya says then Niharika needs to proceed with the dramatization then to trick Karan so he doesn’t make any longer arrangements against them until the match begins. Arjun says he will deal with the circumstance and will behave like Diya’s hands are covered with gauze and she got injured in genuine.

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Niharika concurs. Flashback closes and Niharika says she didn’t blend anything in the shading and Diya is totally fine. She was unable to delude her family again who cherished her unequivocally regardless of being familiar with her selling out. She has a caring spouse and she won’t hurt him any longer. So she tricked Karan with her acting this time. Karan gets enraged. Arjun says now Karan has no other arrangement with the exception of playing the match or he needs to lose before contest.

As he won’t prevail upon Arjun. During the first round Karan and Kavita play well and rout the rival players. Arjun and Diya notice them. He says Karan is utilizing a similar startegies and he feels bit anxious. Diya tells him to not lose certainty and he can play with his right hand.

Dipika illuminates Madhuri that Diya and Arjun are playing the match which astonishes her and she isn’t prepared to trust that. Dipika says she isn’t lying yet Arjun illuminated her and nothing happened to Diya. She is fine. Niharika helped them. Dipika and Luv both demand Madhuri to go to arena to see the match of Arjun and Diya. Madhuri concurs. Karan challenges Arjun and the last option misses a few shots while playing the principal match. Diya gives him fortitude lastly finally Diya and Arjun likewise win the first round. Kavita lets Karan know that it doesn’t appear as though Arjun’s right hand was broken. Arjun’s family comes and Madhuri gets glad to realize that Diya looks well. She is sorry to Niharika for admonishing her.

Niharika says she violated them a great deal beforehand yet not any longer. Madhuri missed to watch Diya and Arjun’s astounding exhibition. Arjun says however this isn’t the finale. The genuine battle is yet to occur. He takes a gander at Karan and there Kavita pay-offs an individual saying he needs to exclude Diya and Arjun from the match on specialized grounds. Kush records that video and shows it to that individual. The individual gets terrified and uncovers he will undoubtedly do that as he wants cash for his little girl’s marriage. Kush says yet that is not the correct method for working effectively.

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