Aggar Tum Na Hote 29th March 2022 Written Update:

Aggar Tum Na Hote 29th March 2022 Written Update: Episode starts with Abhimanyu plays holi with Kavya. Gajendra, Amma and Meera grins seeing that. In the interim, Angad and others moves to celebrate holi. Meera tells herself following 6 years this year just Abhimanyu playing holi. Then again, Niyati requests that Nitya play holi with her companions. Nitya advises her that she need to play holi with her. Niyati requests that she apply shading. Nitya applies tone on her mom’s face. Sulochna lets Ram know that first time Niyati applied shading all over following long term and it happened in view of Nitya. Smash tells her that Nitya will recuperate Niyati’s injuries.

Kavya requests sweet from Meera. Abhimanyu goes to bring sweet for Kavya. Angad stops him and signs him to pour a beverage on his glass. Gajendra sees that and becomes irate at Angad. He lets him know that he will show something new to him and Manorama. Angad pushes him and insults him. Amma takes Gajendra from that point. Abhimanyu sees everything and fills Angad’s glass and gives it to him.

He lets him know that the last option shouldn’t have pushed Gajendra. He advises him that he cautioned him to avoid his loved ones. Angad lets him know that everybody is his worker. Abhimanyu turns his hand and uncovers that he blended poison in the beverage which stuns the last option. He applies tone all over and wishes blissful holi to him and leaves from that point.

Niyati imagines that today she have desire to learn about her little girl’s killer and requests that God not dishearten her today. Nitya sees Niyati leaving. She grins seeing Abhimanyu there. She wishes blissful holi to him. He tells her that he didn’t anticipate meeting her again there. She lets him know that seems like they have kismat association. He tells her that he don’t confide in predetermination and he came to return the coat and furthermore to purchase desserts. She lets him know that she will take more time to shop since she knows everybody there. Abhimanyu purchases that coat. He acquaints himself with her and they becomes companions.

Then again, Angad hacks continuesly and shouts to call the Doctor. Karan calls Abhimanyu and asks him that what the last option provided for Angad. Gajendra lets Amma know that on the off chance that Abhimanyu truly blended poison in Angad’s beverage, additionally he did nothing out of sorts. Karan puts the versatile on speaker. Abhimanyu requests that Karan illuminate Angad that he didn’t blend poison in the beverage. Angad chides Abhimanyu for tricking him. Abhimanyu cautions him to not abuse his family any other way he will blend harm one day without a doubt and disengages the call. Angad lets himself know that Abhimanyu’s girl should ask now and he has no clue about it.

Nitya purchases desserts in the interest of Abhimanyu and gives it to him. She applies tone all over. She lets him know that they will meet again with no arrangement since they have kismat association. He reviews that how he said those lines to Niyati and leaves from that point. In the interim, Niyati arrives at the area. She gets change from the poor person woman who took her youngster. Then, at that point, she meets the spouse of the ruffian.

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