Radha Mohan 6th August 2022 Written Update:

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Episode starts with Radha sees the paper. Dulari takes it from her and moves towards the dustbin. Sundari takes Radha from that point. Tulsi’s soul reviews the signs which God gave her. She lets God know that she accepted Radha and Mohan are made for one another by seeing those signs then what’s going on at this point. She says that even Gungun attempting to stop Radha’s marriage why God isn’t doing anything. She argues God to stop Radha and Hriday’s marriage.

Dulari drops the paper. Damini tracks down it. Kaveri requests that she consume it. Damini gestures at her and leaves from that point. She crashes into Mohan and drops the paper and it falls on Radha’s Bhagavad Gita. Mohan sees Radha from higher up. He imagines that he never figured she will become unique for him. He adds that he is thankful for the minutes he enjoy with Gungun due to Radha.

Radha believes that tomorrow she will take off from the house and she will miss everybody particularly Mohan. Kadambari gets some information about ‘dhol’ fellow. Ajeet answers her that he is coming. Gungun reviews the minutes she imparted to Radha. She additionally reviews that how Radha saved her life and how Radha battle with Mohan for her. She ponders that will Radha truly take off from the house. She sees Radha’s Bhagavad Gita. She reviews that how Radha told her that Bhagavad Gita has answers for every one of the issues. She requests that authorization from Radha read the Bhagavad Gita. Radha gets blissful and she gives Bhagavad Gita to her.

Gungun takes the Bhagavad Gita to house sanctuary. She lets God know that tomorrow is Radha’s marriage yet she don’t believe this marriage should occur. She says that she need to stop this Mehndi function. She requests that God assist her with perusing Bhagavad Gita since she is feeble in Hindi language.

Mohan secures himself in the room in view of ‘dhol’ commotion. He attempts to redirect himself. Tulsi’s soul requests that he not take off from the issues. She lets him know that Gungun didn’t as yet surrender. She turns the marriage photograph. Mohan ponders that how it worked out. She requests that he stop Radha’s marriage.

Gungun opens Bhagavad Gita and sees the paper. She says that Hriday accomplished something awful without a doubt. Radha look through Gungun. Latha gets some information about Hriday in light of the fact that the last option getting hitched with him. Radha gestures at her. Damini asks Kaveri that where is Hriday. Kaveri tells her that she don’t have the foggiest idea. Damini trusts that Hriday has the paper with him.

Mehndi woman comes there. She lets Radha know that she won’t commit error like last time. She says that man of the hour’s name is Hriday. Radha gestures at her. Tulsi’s soul requests that Radha listen her heart. She tells her that the last option simply adores Mohan yet didn’t as yet understand. She requests that she not wed Hriday.

Radha gets some information about Gungun. Kadambari tells her that Gungun should play with different children. Ajeet tells Radha that Gungun should eat pizza at her room. Gungun discovers that Hriday is criminal. She says thanks to God for aiding her. She says that she will tell everybody Hriday’s reality. She pivots and gets stunned seeing Hriday there. Hriday grabs the paper from her.

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