Radha Mohan 5th August 2022 Written Update:

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Episode starts with Vishwanath comes there and asks Hriday that who is he. Rameshwar lets him know that Hriday is Radha’s fiancee. Radha and Hriday takes Vishwanath’s favors. Kadambari acquaints Vishwanath with Hriday and Latha. She says that Vishwanath went to Nainital for work. Hriday gets stunned hearing city name. Vishwanath lets him know that it seems as though he have seen him some place. He inquires as to whether they at any point met.

Hriday shook his head. He comes up with a rationalization and takes Latha from that point. Vishwanath gives Ketki’s #1 nibble to her. He requests that Mohan take it as well. Mohan reviews Radha’s remark about his relationship with Vishwanath. He takes nibble from Vishwanath. That paper has Hriday’s news with his photograph.

Hriday tells Latha that Vishwanath would have seen his needed banner in Nainital. He says that two young ladies got away from in his past transfer and they would have told about his face element to police. He adds that Damini will toss him out of the house in the event that she becomes acquainted with reality.

The fact that Tulsi’s soul slapped her makes on the other hand, kaveri inquires as to whether the last option certain. Damini asks her that who else can slap like that. She says that Tulsi’s soul don’t believe Radha’s marriage should occur with Hriday. Kaveri tells her that Tulsi’s soul can stop this marriage. Damini tells her that they need to accomplish something without anybody’s information. She contemplates whether Tulsi’s soul knows her association with Hriday.

Mohan inquires as to whether she is fine. Radha gestures at him. Sundari asks him that what is he doing there. She reminds him about Kadambari’s commitment. He tells her that now commitment is over that is the reason he came ground floor. Radha tells Sundari that Mohan didn’t break the commitment.

Damini finds the paper and sees Hriday’s photograph. She conceals the paper from Kadambari. Dulari takes the paper while taking bed sheets. Kadambari gets some information about desserts. Damini tells her that desserts will be conveyed tomorrow. Kadambari requests that she take rest and leaves from that point. Damini understands that paper is missing and Dulari would have took it.

Dulari drops the paper in Mohan’s room. Damini stops Dulari and misleads her that she is looking through her ring. She look through the paper. She lets herself know that all that will be demolished in the event that anybody saw Hriday’s photograph in the paper. Hriday asks her that she is discussing which photograph. She takes him from that point.

Radha figures out how to settle on video decision from Gungun. Gungun video calls Mohan and gives the telephone to Radha. She nods off. Radha converses with Mohan about ring. He tells her that it seems as though God don’t believe her marriage should occur with Hriday. He advises her that tomorrow is her mehndi. He requests that she rest. Radha lets in Gungun’s ears know that she adores Mohan. Mohan gets stunned hearing that. He reviews that how Radha used to let in Gungun’s ears know that lying is off-base. She implores God to assist her with accommodating Mohan and Gungun’s relationship. Mohan lets himself know that Radha needs to remain in this house.

Damini lets Hriday know that she just saw his photograph. She asks him that what he did. He misleads her that he stoled little things that is all there is to it. She says that nobody ought to find that newapaper or, more than likely her arrangement will be destroyed. Following day, Radha lets Sundari know that she is feeling bizarre. Sundari tells her that all will be great. Dulari tidies up Mohan’s room. Radha sees the paper and understands it.

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