Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 5th August 2022 Written Update:

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Episode begins with Malhar faulting Khanderao and chiding him for his indiscreet methodology towards the Ratlaam project. He says now I have done the total equity, I let you know that the equity is unfinished,

the guilty party is your child, Khanderao Holkar, so I have concluded that Ahilya’s stamp will be required on all Khanderao’s choices from now.

Ahilya asks is this truly required. Malhar says OK, so this misstep doesn’t reoccur, Khanderao has gained from his slip-up. Malhar asks do you suspect as much, I don’t think he has gained from his missteps of all time. Ahilya says yet he has every one of the privileges of running the darbar.

Malhar says I didn’t grab his privileges, I just expanded your freedoms, he will take the choices for individuals’ advancement, however you will check it and stamp your assent, then, at that point, his choice will be acknowledged, else not.

Khanderao says you got a reason to take my privileges back, you never needed to give me any freedoms, I m your child, you were vulnerable, you had no choice, you have consistently disregarded my capacity and ability, you only focussed on my slip-ups, you got an opportunity now, I know you well overall, I acknowledge your choice. He leaves. Ahilya pursues him. Gautama says you have taken this choice, is this right, she is Khanderao’s better half.

Malhar goes. Gunu ji asks how might I go to that castle, individuals will chuckle on me, I won’t go there as a washout. Dhana ji says Malhar hasn’t instructed this to his child, that is disloyalty. Ahilya takes care of Mukta. She asks house keeper did Malerao have food. House keeper says OK. Ahilya says I will take the nourishment for Khanderao. Tukoji comes. He says I have the Ratlaam project reports to show you.

Ahilya says I can’t do this. He says its Malhar’s order. She says I will converse with Malhar in such manner. He goes. Malhar comes and sees Ahilya. Servant gets the nourishment for Gunu ji. Dhana ji stows away. Gunu ji closes the entryway. Dhana ji eats the food. Gunu ji says Dwarka has sent the nourishment for me. Dhana ji says you need to exploit other’s decency, remember you are this house’s child in regulation.

Mukta shows what she has composed. Malhar says perfect. He requests that she go to Malerao and concentrate on there. Mukta kisses him and runs out. Ahilya requests that Malhar say. He requests that she go about her responsibilities. He says a lady can accomplish a lot of work simultaneously, you generally demonstrate that you work like Maa Durga, you are exceptionally sharp.

She says I understand what you need to say, its unrealistic for me to investigate Rajya matters. Malerao and Mukta request that Khanderao recount some story. Khanderao says OK, this story is of a ruler. He tells Malhar and his story.

Ahilya says I can’t oversee both the things simultaneously, I can get reckless towards the children. Malhar says no, you can never get thoughtless, different ladies can help you in this work, however I can’t give darbar work to any other person, you need to deal with this, you need to pick Darbar and kids, I m sure you will oversee everything. He favors her and goes.

Shuja says I will get a serene spot in Malwa, we will design the assault, Khanderao and Malhar will leave for Delhi, they can return being familiar with the assault. He makes an arrangement to enter Malwa.

Precap :Khanderao says I need to leave for Delhi, I handover Chambal to you. Ahilya comes to the Darbar with her children. Everybody looks on.

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