Rabb Se Hai Dua 29th November written update:

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Episode begins with Haider and Dua going to the sanctuary on their marriage commemoration. Around then Gazal out of nowhere comes before their vehicle, because of which Dua raises a ruckus around town and gets harmed. Haider and Gazal takes a gander at each other, while the last option pivots and sees the thugs following her.

She takes off from that point, while Haider gets baffled and afterward becomes worried for Dua. He sees her recoiling in torment and treats her injury. She guarantees that she is fine yet he shows his consideration towards her and puts a bandage. She takes a gander at him affectionately while he request that she get inside the hallowed place and declares that he will join her in the wake of leaving the vehicle.

Dua consents to Haider and afterward goes inside alongside the dress which she was going to put on the sanctuary. In the mean time, Gazal faces the hooligans and puts chillie powder in their eyes. Every one of the thugs recoils in torment while their chief comes there and broadcasts to show a thing or two to her. He expresses that she will not have the option to take off from him.

Gazal gets terrified and attempts to get away. She likewise gives an admonition to the hooligan and pronounces that he won’t have the option to do anything to her. She expresses that she will beat them blue and dark, while the last option frowns at her and states that she will not have the option to take off from them any longer. She some way or another breaks from that point, while Haider goes to give cash to the poors.

Somewhere else, he gives the cash and the holds the hand and uncovers the essence of a begger. She is uncovered to be Gazal while he attacks her for acting to be poor. He declares that she is youthful and have all that actually is asking for cash. He derides her while she gets angry and reproves him. She then chomps his hand and takes off from that point.

Haider gets irate at Gazal and reprimands the last option. In the interim, Dua trusts that Haider will join her inside the holy place. She gets stressed while Dua comes there stowing away from the hooligans. She sees the long queue and afterward goes towards Dua deceiving others that she is her sister. She remains with the last option and starts chatting with her. She then guidance her to put the dress on the sanctum, yet the last option denies expressing that her significant other haven’t came at this point.

Ahead, Gazal says a profound words to Dua and declares that her significant other will continuously accompany her. In the interim, Dua genuinely regrets Gazal as she doesn’t have anybody to accompany her. She request that the last option out the dress while she tongue in cheek says that her destiny will likewise gets ensnared with her. In the interim, Haider likewise comes there while Gazal leaves from that point.

Haider shows his indentation to Dua while she treats his physical issue. In the interim, Raahat gets miserable recollecting Haider’s displeasure towards him while Heena guarantees one day he will excuse him. She shows her help towards Raahat, while Ruhaan’s mom gets incensed and ask her better half not to contemplate Haider.

Further, Dua some way or another persuades Haider for the party. Ruhaan advise about it to the family mene while they all gets happy. In the interim, Haider saves Gazal from the hooligans yet the last option gets rowdy with him. He lashes out and enlightens his family regarding the matter, while his step mother gets cheerful. Though, Dua gives a dress to Ruhaan’s mom yet the last option insults her. Gazal cries subsequent to getting inside her home and reviews her past. She then prepares to go to a party.

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