Punyashlok Ahilyabai 3rd November 2022 Written Update:

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Rajvaidya let Ahilya know that this medication can kill an individual m Ahilya recollects how Khanderao responds to the medication. Ahilya requests that watchman get a stick and starts hitting him, Nimmaji says I will come clean with you don’t hit me, Ahilya says who is behind this. Nimmaji says I needed cash so I needed to do this.

Nimmaji tracks down an open door and attempts to sneak. Ahilya runs behind him to get him and furthermore see two monitors dead and gets befuddled. Gunuji killed them for interruption. Gunuji says to dead bodies, unfortunately I needed to do this to save myself. so excuse me.

Ramzani appeals to God for Ahilyas achievement. Khanderao asks Ramzani where is she lost, its annoying. Ramzani says unfortunately Ahilya and tells about entire arrangement. Khanderao considers purpose for and leaves.

Ahilya pursuing Nimmaji, she requests that watchmen scatter and track down every which way. Ahilya looses her equilibrium yet she gets up and begins following Nimmaji’s, Nimmaji breaks all lights with the goal that Ahilya can’t see anything.

Khanderao asks Ahilya what is this, Ahilya lets Khanderao about know Nimmaji doing, Ahilya and Khanderao spot Nimmaji, Khanderao assaults him and stops him. Khanderao says Ahilya was correct, Gunuji sees them.

Ahilya asks Nimmaji who was behind this. Ahilya puts blade on his neck and says let me know who is behind this, Khanderao says let me tackle with him and starts hitting Nimmaji. Khanderai begins feeling unsteady and steps back, Ahilya leaves weapon and goes to Khanderao, Khanderao swoons and Nimmaji takes off.

Dwarka in her room flies off the handle, Sita asks whats wrong, Gunuji strolls in and says Sita we ought to leave. Sita says we will leave tomorrow first thing why so late. Gunuji says do what I say go. Sita leaves.

Dwarka tells Gunuji that Nimmaji was effective in taking off. Dwarka says great request that Nimmaji leave Malwa. Gunuji says don’t stress I have overseen him and have you seen we didn’t actually find about Ahilya’s arrangement which implies Ramzani is with her.

Rajvaidya lets everybody know that Khanderao needs rest and his wellbeing is sensitive however in charge, since now we know explanation for his awful wellbeing, we need to lessen the toxin impact yet there will be terrible excursions and presently since we will shut down these medication, he will have withdrawal side effects and we as a whole must be ready for this and leaves.

Ahilya shares with Khanderao, we will battle this and emerge from it. Following day Ahilya appeals to God for Khanderao, Parvati hurries to her tears and embraces her. Ahilya says don’t cry, Khanderao is fine, your desires saved him and Ruler Shiv generally have favors on us and for what reason didn’t you let me know you are coming, they meet Ramzani.

Ahilya acquaints Ramzani with Pavitra and says she assisted us with tracking down the offender. Ramzani says I’m sorry I was unable to go about my responsibilities appropriately. Ahilya says we wanted your help and we have it. Pavitra expresses gratitude toward Ramzani for her assistance. Muktabai races to them Baba saheb in his room, Ahilya and Pavitra rush rapidly. Ramzani figures God I couldn’t in fact take a quick trip and see him in light of this large number of limits, God give his aggravation to me.

Pre cap: Malhar rao requests to track down Nimmaji by snare and law breaker.
Ahilya shares with Badi and Choti sasu Bai, she won’t leave Nimmaji.

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