Punyashlok Ahilyabai 2nd November 2022 Written Update:

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Ahilya arrives at Nimmajis house. Dwarka asks Rakhma for what valid reason is this Mehfil of Ramzani coordinated and everybody is going there, assuming Khanderao finds it that his Ramzani is doing public show, Dwarka sees Khanderao go to show as well. Rakhma says this show is extraordinarily coordinated by Ahilya for all chiefs for Diwali. Dwarka says something is dubious, there is a rationale behind this, we need to see that as.

Khanderao requests that everybody sit including Nimmaji and says all are equivalent here lets have fun. Ramzabi starts her exhibition.

Dwarka shares with Gunuji, something is cooking, Ahilya has assembled all chiefs at one spot, Gunuji says its Diwali, it should be for diversion everything ought not be an intrigue. Dwarka says Ahilya isn’t somebody who eill sort out a mehfil.

Gunuji says this implies somebody is target, and this mehfil is for interruption.
Monitor tells Gunuji that Nimmaji will give medication later. Gunuji flies off the handle, Dwarka says for what reason aren’t you welcomed. Gunuji says I would have, in the event that I had been named on time. Monitor requests half day leave for his child as Rajvaidya is occupied today, he is with Ahilya for some work. Gunuji requests that gatekeeper leave.

Dwarka tells Gunuji, Nimmaji is welcomed and Rajvaidya is brought in wada, this implies Ahilya is behind Nimmaji. Gunuji slips into Mehfil. Ahliya asks Rajvaidya to rapidly look at everything immediately and requests that watchmen actually look at each corner.

Nimmaji sees Gunuji and going to leave, Ramzani sees him and recollects Ahilya telling about her witticism behind the mehfil and to keep Nimmaji occupied. Khanderao additionally requests that Nimmaji plunk down. Rajvaidya tracks down nothing.

Nimmaji gradually escapes, when Khanderao gifts Ramzanu a jewelry for her presentation. Ramzani sees Nimmaji is missing however everybody asks her for another presentation.
Gunuji pulls Nimmaji and cautions him about Ahilya and requests that he go really take a look at his room. Nimmaji rapidly hurries to his room.

Ahilya finds no verifications, Ahilya says I surmise I committed an error lets leave, Nimmaji strolls in and asks Ahilya what everything is this, what has occurred, is she dubious about him, he saved badi rani and this is the way he is being dealt with.

Ahilya says I would have rather not harmed you it was for Khanderao kindly comprehend. Khanderao says I want to believe that you are persuaded I’m not to blame or you need to check something else as well. Ahilya says OK and I’m heartbroken. Ahilya going to leave, she strolls back in and says since you are demanding I might want to really take a look at another spot.

Ahilya finds stowed away medication and Rajvaidya checks it and lets Ahilya know this is extremely destructive for wellbeing, it fools you into feeling amazing and fit at stary and later destroys your wellbeing gravely and this is the thing is influencing Khanderao, over utilization can likewise prompt passing.

Pre cap: Nimmaji taking off, Khanderao assaults him abd startd beating. That’s what gunuji sees and targets Khanderao.

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