Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 9th May 2022 Written Update:

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 9th May 2022 Written Update on serialtalk.com

Episode begins with Khanderao leaving with Parvati. Ahilya reviews his words and cries. She sees Renuka and Bhola. She converses with her child that they will attempt to track down their satisfaction. She goes to the sanctuary and supplicates. She says I realize the law isn’t with us, yet there must be a way.

She meets Tukoji. She says Renuka is separated from everyone else to tell about the unfairness, Kailash said that the assailants weren’t his men, we have no observer. He says we got an observer, gatekeepers will be accompanying him, we will cause him to admit that Kailash did this. She grins and expresses gratitude toward Shiv.

Kailash comes there and gets Renuka’s hand. He reproves her. She requests that he leave her hand. Bhola comes and requests that he leave his Mausi. Kailash flies off the handle on him. Renuka pushes him. She cautions him. She says I have resided in dread consistently, I got the food as transient, your home is now stigmatized, what more regrettable will happen more. He thinks who is this kid. Ahilya thinks about some arrangement.

Khanderao comes there. She says you have come. He says we need to go to darbar today, our point is something similar, Malwa, I need the line extension and you need equity for the Praja, you need to take care of their concerns, yet Ahilya… I have generally compromised till now, these things look simple, yet entirely its not. They have a discussion.

Malhar is in darbar. Gunu ji says Kailash is unwell, he will not have the option to come today. Ahilya asks how, he was in the royal residence some time back. Gunu ji says OK, he was feeling unwell. He says Renuka is here, yet Kailash can’t come.

Ahilya says Kailash can’t come to the darbar, however we can hear out Renuka. Khanderao says I disagree. The procedures start. Khanderao says Kailash isn’t demonstrated as an offender, we can’t respect him a guilty party. Malhar concurs with him. He says perhaps Kailash truly got unwell, we will keep the darbar tomorrow. Gunu ji reviews Kailash. Ahilya says Tukoji, I m sure that Kailash is upto something,

we ought to send the covert agents after him. Khanderao and Gunu ji come and look on. Tukoji goes. Gunu ji says you trust Renuka, you don’t realize she is extremely cunning, you’re not understanding Khanderao’s concern, he lost his bliss. She says I regard you, yet Khanderao is a Holkar, Malhar’s child, he will deal with it, in the event that he is upset by anything, I m there for him, I will deal with him and furthermore bury the hatchet, similar to I have done 100% of the time. Khanderao grins hearing this.

Precap :Gautama requests exceptional food dishes for Ahilya. She says Ahilya will be shocked seeing this. Ahilya is stunned seeing something.

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