Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 6th May 2022 Written Update:

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The Episode begins with Ahilya requesting that Bhola stay with Renuka. He says I never went going out. She says your mum’s approval will constantly accompany you, yet Renuka doesn’t have anybody with her. He concurs. FB closes. Ahilya says Bhola will remain with you and give joy, two fragmented individuals complete one another. Renuka cries cheerfully. Bhola shows the daylight to get in his grasp. Ahilya reviews her life as a youngster and grins. She says I have gotten daylight ordinarily, I can never get moon light. He requests that she show. They get the daylight in palm. Renuka embraces Bhola.

Dwarka says we have sowed the seed and presently we need to see the natural product. Yamuna asks what. Dwarka says Khanderao flew off the handle with Ahilya and went to Parvati. Parvati comes. Dwarka says I m happy it are coming near see you and Khanderao. Parvati says no, I likewise felt that, yet he was stressed for something. She says this is out of my comprehension. Dwarka expresses pay attention to me cautiously now. Ahilya comes to meet Khanderao. She doesn’t see him. She says I figure he will come to my room. She goes to her room.

She converses with her child and tells about Khanderao. She says he adores me a great deal, I believed I lost in the middle between. Gautama comes and asks were you conversing with the child, I additionally used to do that at Khanderao’s time. She requests that Ahilya apply Kuldevi Kumkum, its her defensive safeguard. Ahilya asks what. Gautama says I m going to tell something, you stay with Renuka constantly, I m terrified that her awful sight could get you, call it my visually impaired conviction. Ahilya applies the Kumkum and says I don’t need my reasoning and convictions to bound your words.

The house cleaner gets juice for Ahilya, sent by Khanderao. Ahilya requests Khanderao. The house keeper says he has gone to his room some time back, he is playing the dhol. Ahilya says fine, I will drink this juice later, keep it here. He stresses for Ahilya. Gautama comes to him. he asks did Ahilya have the juice. She says OK, yet she was hanging tight for you, you ought to invest energy with her. He asks do you feel I m wrong. She says no, our family main successor is coming, you need to ponder the approaching kid and keep her cheerful. He says I need to keep her blissful yet how will I respond, we get battling for some matter. He makes sense of. Gautama says there is somebody who she will listen clearly.

Its morning, Sarja comes to converse with Ahilya. Ahilya says Khanderao was much irate, we didn’t sit down briefly to chat with the child. She proceeds to search for Khanderao. Dwarka says he left for Omkareshwar with Parvati, she needed to go for an excursion. Ahilya says he didn’t tell me. Dwarka says you are his better half, I know. Ahilya thinks he is highly angry with me. She goes. Dwarka requested that Parvati go to Khanderao and gain his compassion. She says Khanderao will be disappeared from you.

Ahilya carries Renuka to the darbar and raises a voice against foul play.

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