Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 26th May 2022 Written Update:

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Episode begins with Gunu ji saying Kailash shouldn’t get offended with no proof. Ahilya says a casualty needs to demonstrate the wrongdoing by bringing proof and witness, this is the issue with the lawbreaker gets liberated due to absence of proof and witness, I have no verification against Kailash, yet I have seen Renuka moving gone after and taking off from her home, nobody has the responses about the guilty party.

Gunu ji says on the off chance that a lady runs out of her home, the outsiders and thugs can get after her, Kailash isn’t involved. She says however he had an explanation, wouldn’t you say we ought to think about this. He asks the number of regulations that would you like to change for Renuka, along these lines, everybody will request that we change regulations.

Dwarka says Khanderao and Ahilya will become guardians, they cooperate in darbar, you have only one reason to meet him, that is the marriage. She takes care of the food to Parvati. She says Gautama will advise Khanderao to zero in on marriage, figure how might you cause Gautama to do this.

Khanderao says I concur with you, however we ought to remain on the primary subject. Ahilya says OK, Malhar has concurred for this reception regulation, Renuka can’t embrace a kid from the family who tormented her. Pandit contends with her. He says you have no confirmation that the family torments her, this is only her requests when she needs the property of her late spouse and doesn’t need the kid from a similar family.

Khanderao says we can’t challenge the old convictions. Kailash begins acting and asks Renuka not to criticize him. He says I m prepared to give you my more youthful kid, else you can embrace the kid from my other sibling or sister. Gunu ji says Kailash didn’t make great relations with anybody till now. Ahilya requests that Khanderao give her a chance to refute Kailash. Kailash says I was not disproved before moreover,

for what reason would it be advisable for us we sit around. Khanderao says we will keep the darbar in the future after some time, we will give Ahilya time till night. He goes. Ahilya consoles Bhola and Renuka. Renuka loses trust. Khanderao requests that she trust Ahilya’s guarantee. Kailash requests that Gunu ji send somebody to watch out for Ahilya.

The watchman sees Ahilya in the room. Ahilya takes a mask and leaves. Sarja is in her room as Ahilya. Gangoba asks Ahilya did she track down something. She signs no. He asks then what. They generally go to the darbar. Ahilya asks doesn’t a lady reserve an option to pick a youngster. She contends with pandit.

She says simply a nurturing feeling is demon to embrace a youngster. Pandit tells about the low and high stations. He says Bhola isn’t of high station. Ahilya gets some information about the individuals who has kept their activities low, a human is known by his qualities, not his rank.

Gunu ji says Ahilya has no evidence against Kailash. Ahilya says its valid, I have no proof, yet I have an observer. They all get stunned. She calls the observer. Srihari and Lakshmi are brought there.

Precap :Ahilya requests that Srihari say the name of the individual who recruited him.

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