Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 26th May 2022 Written Update:

Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 26th May 2022 Written Update on

Sushma sees that Armaan is heading off to some place. She asks him where is he going. Armaan lets Saumya know that it is great that she has gotten back home. He says that he is leaving town for two. He deceives her that he is leaving work. Soumya asks him where he will remain. Armaan tells her his place of stay and leaves from that point.

Saumya calls Prisha and inquires as to whether they can meet. She declines and tells her that she is going to her companion’s home for two days. Saumya feels that she realize that she would decline to meet her as she will meet Armaan. Shalu comes there. She tells her that perhaps Soumya has dubious about her. Prisha says that it will be great assuming Saumya comes to be familiar with everything.

That’s what she adds on the off chance that Saumya comes to be familiar with everything, she will leave Armaan and Armaan will give her Saumya’s place. Shalu says that this won’t ever occur so she ought to tell everything to Armaan. She calls Armaan and says that Saumya has dubious about them so they ought to drop the arrangement. He declines and says that he will deal with Saumya.

He further requests that Simi call Saumya. Simi calls Saumya and lets them know that the channel head needs a heartfelt scene so she ought to compose 3 new episodes. Soumya sees this as odd. She hangs up the telephone. Armaan lets Simi know that she needs to keep Saumya occupied for two days from now. Simi figures out this. Later Saumya calls Priya and inquires as to whether she could do without her old episodes.

Priyal says that she loves the old episodes and needs a similar track. Soumya feels that this plan will likewise be Armaan’s so she stays occupied and can’t come to be familiar with his reality. Soumya calls Goldie and advises her that she needs to get her better half’s untruth, so he will pick his companion or reality. Goldie consents to help her. He asks her what he needs to do.

Soumya enlightens him regarding her arrangement. Next Armaan comes to Hotel. He finds out if Mrs. Oberoi has come. She says OK. Armaan comes to his room. Soumya is staying there. Armaan feels that Prisha is sitting in the room. He begins expressing that for two days from now he won’t discuss Saumya and will be hers as it were. Saumya gets miserable hearing this. All of a sudden Prisha comes there. Armaan gets stunned seeing her.

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