Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 23rd March 2022 Written Update:

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 23rd March 2022 Written Update: The Episode begins with Gautama doing Malhar’s aarti. Malhar is leaving for the mission. He says I m assuage till Ahilya and Khanderao are here to oversee everything. Ahilya requests that Khanderao accompany her for a discussion. He says I need to go with Malhar to drop him till Malwa line. He goes. Ahilya stops Gunu ji to ask him. Yamuna inquires as to for what reason did we come to the Dharamshala. Dwarka says I will just come. Yamuna says you didn’t hold on to see off Malhar. Dwarka says I can hardly wait briefly, my work will happen today itself. She meets Yashoda Mausi and says you here. She contacts her feet.

Ahilya says I really want to believe that you will not misjudge me, Malhar has generally shown this, one needs to save love for Praja and furthermore be ready, I have seen somebody dubious and followed him, I saw you there meeting him. He stresses and asks how could you question him. Gunu ji begins contending with her. He says you generally affront me, when Khanderao stepped my reliability, for what reason do you do this, are you watching out for me thus, its not right. She says I didn’t actually intend that. Dwarka requests that Yashoda visit the royal residence, else Gautama will figure she didn’t welcome them. She demands and requests that they come. Yashoda concurs. Dwarka grins.

She figures Ahilya can’t win constantly. She takes them along to the castle. Gautama says its great you have come here, I heard you came to petition God for your little girl’s marriage. Yashoda says OK, we came to appeal to God for Parvati’s marriage. Dwarka says I m sure that Parvati will be wonderful and great esteemed. Yashoda says OK, she is extremely lovely, she has great qualities, she realizes all the family work, she is keen on puja moreover. Gautama thinks. Dwarka says you will before long track down a decent husband to be for your little girl.

Harku requests that Ahilya wrap up the work soon, Dwarka’s family members have come. She says Gautama needs us to meet the visitors, are you stressed over Gunu ji’s matter, why. Ahilya says I didn’t pursue him. She says I don’t have any idea how Gunu ji will take this matter. Khanderao meets Gunu ji on the way. Dwarka asks Yashoda not to go unexpectedly early. She demands them to remain. The man says no, Parvati is separated from everyone else at home. She says we will send somebody and call her, she ought to likewise perceive how we praise the celebration. The couple concurs. Dwarka says extraordinary, take more time for quite a while. They go.

Dwarka says their approaching is a sign, perceive how they came here after numerous years, wouldn’t you say so. Khanderao asks what’s the issue, we are together, I have stayed faithful to my obligation moreover. Gunu ji says I have no grumbles with you, somebody is watching out for me. Khanderao asks who is it, tell me. Gunu ji says let it be, I need no battle as a result of me. Khanderao says I need to realize who is doing this. Gunu ji says Ahilya. Khanderao asks what, yet why. Gunu ji says even I don’t have the foggiest idea, she is your significant other, I would rather remain silent, you won’t approve of me saying anything against her, perhaps she is watching out for me to be aware of your activities. Khanderao says no, she can never do this, I will ask her the explanation.

Gunu ji says no utilization, she won’t ever acknowledge this, she will demonstrate me a liar, you both will battle, you are relying upon her compensation now. Khanderao asks what do you mean. Gunu ji says you called the gem specialist to sell your ring, I got to realize that she purchased your ring, it implies the goldsmith gave you the sum, its from her compensation, you are living by her monetary assistance, on the off chance that she insults you, what will be your regard. Khanderao becomes irate. Gunu ji grins.

Khanderao asks how will I respond, tell me, how might I spend whole year, I can’t take help from untouchables, Ahilya’s approval will get on my head. Gunu ji says Ahilya has caught you, you need to take an advance. Khanderao gets stunned. Gunu ji says that is the main way, don’t sell your gems, take a credit from somebody who will remain quiet about this, later return the sum. Khanderao asks is there anybody I can trust. Gunu ji says OK, clearly.

Harku inquires as to for what reason did Khanderao send such a letter. Ahilya asks what’s this. Khanderao says all of you don’t have to come to the darbar regular. She inquires as to for what reason are you doing this.

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