Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 22nd March 2022 Written Update:

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 22nd March 2022 Written Update: Episode begins mind the couple stressing for their little girl’s future. Ahilya asks them not to stress and take half of the Kumkum from her plate. The woman favors her to continuously have her Kumkum.

Harku grins. Ahilya gives her great wishes. The woman does the puja first. Ahilya pauses and afterward does the puja. She sees the woman purchasing bangles for her girl. She says now and again we petition God for outsiders’ bliss, I truly enjoyed it when I appealed to God for her girl’s cheerful future.

Harku grins and says Devi knows it, each episode has some explanation for, who can say for sure what connection we have with them. The woman says thanks to Ahilya. Ahilya says its fine, you both look new here. The man says we stayed with the sanctuary, we will remain in dharamshala and afterward leave. Ahilya leaves.

Malhar does sword battle practice with Gangoba. Khanderao comes. Malhar says I need to let you know something, I need to leave for the mission today itself. He requests that Khanderao work on the arrangement. He says I will converse with Nana Saheb and make the arrangement. Khanderao says sure, you can definitely relax, I will attempt to end the Rajputana issues this time.

Malhar says I anticipated something very similar from you. He shows a sword and asks his viewpoint. He says this sword has come today, be cautious, the blade is sharp, it will help in cutting the grass. Khanderao asks what are you talking about, what do you mean to say, a blade isn’t utilized to cut the grass, however to battle a foe in the fight.

Gangoba looks on. Malhar says on the off chance that you comprehend this, you comprehend that this standard additionally applies to our resentment, one should vent outrage before the perfect individual with impeccable timing, did I say right. Khanderao says you are discussing Ahilya. Malhar says OK, I figured Gautama ought to make sense of you, you generally say that I agree with Ahilya’s stance, I remembered to converse with you prior to going on the mission, wouldn’t you say that Ahilya has done this to keep her post, not to affront you.

Gangoba says I need to proceed to investigate the weapons. He leaves. Khanderao says my whine generally contacts you. Malhar says no, I need you to be awesome. Khanderao thinks it implies I need something, I can’t be awesome, you gave that spot to Ahilya. Malhar says something final, being the beneficiary, your choice will be acknowledged, I previously told this to everybody, you need to utilize the same way as I do, you need to keep your obligation with truthfulness and take direction from the ideal individuals if necessary. Khanderao gestures. Malhar embraces him and grins.

Ahilya sees somebody and thinks for what reason is he wearing a cloak in such hot temp. She requests that Harku go, she will come later. She follows the man. She gets stunned seeing Gunu ji coming to meet that man. Gunu ji inquires as to for what reason did you call me here to meet, I would have come to meet you. The man says I didn’t have time, certain individuals will gripe about us, Dhana ji got found out, so we got saved, yet we can get found out in the weapon underground market case. Ahilya attempts to hear them.

Gautama requests that the servants clean well. Dwarka comes and says we have stresses, what can really be done, we ought to acknowledge this as destiny, I m going to give the covers to poor people. She leaves. Harku comes to Gautama. She says Malhar is leaving for the mission, come and do his aarti. Gautama goes with her.

Harku says on the off chance that you have a difficulty about something, its smarter to avoid it. Gautama checks her out. The man says I m not your laborer to be faithful to you, I m a property manager, on the off chance that I get found out, I will take your name, do you comprehend. Gunu ji says OK, however you won’t tell anybody, Malhar will not be there, I know to control Khanderao. He leaves. Ahilya figures I was unable to hear anything, I feel the matter is enormous, how will I respond.

Precap :Ahilya says I saw somebody meeting you. Gunu ji says you are following me. He goes to Khanderao and says somebody is watching out for me. Khanderao asks who. Gunu ji says Ahilya.

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